Monday, May 23, 2011

Streaking To Seven: Lester Bests The Cubs

This wasn't as much of a win as it was a beatdown. Johnny got the win, but he definitely didn't deserve to win. He's been on the wrong side of sharp lately, and I would be troubled by it if he didn't keep winning. I enjoy the fact that the boys have been rallying behind Jon and ensuring that he walks away with W's. His line for the night, 6 IP 12 H 5 R 2 BB 5 K, isn't the loveliest Lester line you'll ever see, but it didn't actually matter, because the combined line for the Cubs looked like this: 8 IP 19 H 15 R 6 BB 5 K. Yeah, that's really all I need to say about their pitching for the night.

There's not enough room on the internet to go over all of the offense. The only member of the starting lineup to not have a hit was Cameron, and only Crawford had a single hit for the night. Everyone else ended up with two or more. Youkilis and Salty were hitting home runs, Munchkin and CRW were stealing bases, and everyone else was RBI'ing like it was their God-given purpose. All that offense and goodness, and we still managed to leave ten runners on base. That's the kind of scary bat-infested night that Dracula dreams of.

And at this point in the post I pause and apologize for what I can only imagine is a bunch of nonsense. I'm a little on the sleepy side, and as usual, I'm just going to embrace the stupidity. Why fight it?

Let's see... Lester? Check. Cubs pitching? Check. Offense? Check. Atch? Nope. So Atchison came in after Lester and went three innings, giving up zero hits and zero runs. THAT is what relief pitchers are supposed to do, everyone who pitched Saturday. I'll get to you. Atch gets a gold star and a cookie for Friday, seeing as he was the best pitcher in the game from either team. I personally am a big fan of bullpen pitchers pitching well. Atta boy, Atch!

Also, Carlos Pena? I miss you. I just don't think the Cubs appreciate you the way I do.

And, well, that was Friday. I will, out of principle, do a recap of Saturday, but I will take no joy in it.

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