Tuesday, May 10, 2011

In Command: At Least Till Paps Comes In

What happened, Jonathan? I shut my phone off for a measly hour and a half, and you blow the game? Listen, I only checked the box score, so if you have a reasonable explanation for why you blew the save, I'd like to hear it. The last I knew, it was the top of the 8th, 2 outs, a runner on second, and a count of 2-2. It seemed like a pretty closed deal, but I guess I was expecting too much. What happened? No, you know, it's fine. You all still managed to get out before me, so I didn't have to deal with Red Sox traffic at the end of the concert, and that's more than enough. Finding out we won was the icing on the imaginary cake.

Glancing at Beckett's line of 7 IP, 6 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 5 K with 103 pitches, I am pleased. I forgot to record the game like I had planned, but as long as I know Joshua did well, I don't need to see it. He's Josh. It's an odd year. He's bound to be brilliant. I mean that figuratively. He said that he struggled to find his curveball. In that case, I'm fine that I missed the game because I love that curveball. It was a little chily last night. It's reasonable that he was struggling with it. In other pitching news, I see that Aceves had another balk. My initial reaction was to swear a little and wonder out loud what the hell was wrong with him, and then I remembered who the umpiring crew was. I'm sure whatever happened, they got it wrong, because they're horrible. Yes, all of them! It's guilt by association in the Major League Umpires Union or whatever the bloody heck they're called. They work with Joe West, they're bad umpires. Sorry, that's life. However, it's nice to see Oki get a win even if Josh is the one who deserved it.

Listen, guys.... Varitek got two hits last night. When I asked for something nice to come home to, he listened. The only other player on our side to have multiple hits was Ernie, who drove in Tek for the first run of the game. Crawford also listened by doubling home the winning run. I'm happy that Crawford won the game. Was he smiling when he won it? I thought I heard smiling, but it gets so loud in the House of Blues, I wasn't sure. It could have just been the Deftones playing. Whatever it was, I enjoyed the sound, the concert, and the win.

I am a little weary, though. We're one game away from .500 and I just don't know if this team has taken their allergy medicine yet. I believe in Lester, despite his struggles in Toronto, but he can't do it alone. The offense is going to have to do something tonight against Kyle Drabek. If they do? Well, my friends, we will have finally reached mediocrity and then we can start aiming higher. C'mon, Sox! Achieve mediocrity!

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Anonymous said...

historically, we're grreeeaatttt at mediocrity.
and miracles.
i'm all for miracles.
i did the exact same thing you did- i worked yesterday- so i kept catching parts of the game. then, all of a sudden, paps drops the ball (literally) and sends me into a stress fit.