Monday, May 23, 2011

One Step Closer To The Top: Wake And The Sox Win

In 100 years when Tim (and all the rest of us) are long gone and the Red Sox are playing in a brand new, state-of-the-art stadium in the outskirts of Boston, people will still be talking about Wakefield. They'll refer to him, of course, as St. Timmy and they'll place their hands over their hearts when they mention his name. Future generations will look to a plaque of St. Timmy's smiling face in the new Fenway, bearing the inscription, "Winningest Pitcher In Red Sox History." People will look at that plaque and smile. The song "For Sentimental Reasons" will be played on a loop in front of the plaque. It's going to be wonderful.

In order for my vision to be realized, Tim has to keep doing exactly what he did on Sunday night against the Cubs. He needs to win. He needs to win no less than thirteen more times before he retires. It's an achievable goal, and if he can pitch that well every time out, he'll reach those 13 wins in no time. Because folks? Timmy was ON on Sunday. That was such a typical Tim Wakefield game that it was absurd. The knuckler was knuckling, as it is wont to do, for six and a third. Tim only threw 75 pitches and allowed only one run. He didn't walk ANYBODY. I love that Tim Wakefield. I just love him.

I could be wrong about this, but did Salty hit one out of the park? That doesn't seem like something he would do, but I feel pretty confident he did it. He'll never be Doug Mirabelli.... but then again, no one can be Doug Mirabelli. I miss Doug. I should buy a house from him, just so I can say I did. I'd make him sign the walls. It would be fantastic.

Back from my tangent. This was a delightful, QUICK game.... which was important, because it was bloody cold at Fenway on Sunday night. I mean, I couldn't feel my feet by the time the game was over. I dressed in layers! And I was still cold! Someone needs to pass around the memo that it's May, because this cold has got to stop. Props to Ernie for his four-hit night. Further props to Munchkin for his two hits, and to Papi for HIS two hits. And don't tell anyone, but I'll go ahead and give Youkilis a smidge of credit for his two RBI's. Bard and Paps were delightful in closing out the game. It was wonderful. Everything is wonderful. And tonight? Well, tonight we get to see Fetus again. Despite the fact that we haven't beaten him since he left the Red Sox, I'm still a big fan. I miss him, too.... but not as much as I miss Dougie.

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toosoxy said...

I miss Masterson a lot. It will hurt.

But then I'll just think about how swell Tim Wakefield was...
And he was swell. I hate to admit it... but I was nervous.
Nerves aside, it is wonderful to watch him pitch.