Friday, May 20, 2011

Farewell... Again?: Oki DFA'd

Are we actually losing Oki this time? There were many post-game moves last night, the saddest one being that Hideki Okajima was designated for assignment. I don't know if he'll accept an assignment to Pawtucket... I hope he does. If he is leaving us, I will regret that I didn't snap a few shots of him warming in the bullpen last night. I should have taken at least a few. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Oki lands somewhere good.... like Pawtucket. Hey, I don't want to lose him for real!

Also, Theo signed washed up pitcher Kevin Millwood. If we're going to sign a washed up pitcher, as quite a few people suggested last night, why not sign Pedro? I don't care who you are. If you are a Red Sox fan, you feel better losing with Pedro than with Millwood. Same thing with Wakefield-Lackey. Losing with someone you love hurts less.

And then there is the pickup of Franklin Morales. I'll reserve judgement for after he pitches a few games with us. I don't want to instantly hate him just because he took Oki away.... but I might.

And futhering all of that news, creepy shortstop Jose Iglesias, who took a creepy picture with me and my friend before the game (but he's adorable and I love him), and Michael Bowden are being sent back down the Pawtucket express and Drew Sutton is coming up to replace them. Wow, that was a busy night for Theo. But seriously, GM-Man.... get Pedro on the phone. I promise, I won't be mad over that signing.

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