Monday, May 16, 2011

Friday The Thirteenth: Lucky Day For Clay

Believe it or not, sometimes a stupid title like that can take me upwards of ten minutes to think of. This one only took three, but I've had ten-minute-titles before. Why is that relevant? It's not! Like most of you probably are, I'm ridiculously sleepy-brained today and that's my best excuse.

How appropriate to have our resident serial killer pitching on Friday the 13th? In my mind, super appropriate. Dahmer gathered up seven K victims over seven innings, and only allowed 2 runs. A quality start! How frightening for the Yankees. On their end of the pitching mound (which, for all purposes needed to be the bigger end), Bartohno held us to five hits and three runs (two earned) over six. This is also a quality start, but I prefer ours over his. Pitching on our end wasn't as sharp as it could be. Bard and Paps each allowed a run, making our little tiny lead much tinier and much more terrifying. Still, Dahmer walked away with a win, and that's the only thing that matters.

For offense, Ernie started the scoring for the night in the fourth. Before that, Dahmer and Ohno were throwing up zeros on the board like it was their job. It sort of was. A solo homer from Ernie and an RBI groundout for Crawfish brought it to two-oh. It didn't last long as Dahmer returned both runs to the Yanks in the fifth. My favorite part of the night, however, came in the 7th. Despite my distaste for Youkilis, watching him take Flyswatter deep was just sort of awesome. It's just a little bit a payback for all the headhunting over the years. If only all revenge could come in the form of RBIs, the world would be a better place.

Back to Bartolo, though. I know I'm not the only one who finds it suspicious that he has sketchy off-season surgery in the Dominican and comes back throwing mid-90's at 37. Maybe that's why MLB is investigating him and the surgery performed. I'm sure they won't find anything, though. All overweight 37 year old pitchers who have arm surgery manage to throw in the mid-90's in their first season back. Whatever, we still won. Hooray for Friday. Next on the menu for today, I recount the glorious tale of Josh Beckett and his winning face. Or I just recap the game. I'm really not sure what's gonna happen in my next post.

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