Monday, May 23, 2011

Bad Matt Albers!: No Gold Star For You!

Ugh! What WAS that? No, I demand to know! Someone get over here and explain this eighth inning debaucle to me right now!
What's that?
.... Ah.
No, I'm not ok with that.

This is what innings 1-3 looked like: :\
This is what innings 4-7 looked like: :D
This is what inning 8 looked like: FAAA$#^@*@!*^&#&%$^&%^%^!!!!!!
And what caused that mess that you see above? Matt Albers did. He didn't get a single out! I mean, for goodness sake, Matt, you were pitching against the Cubs. I could have gotten at least one out. What the hell happened? Listen, I don't want to dislike you. In general, I feel that you have been a serviceable bullpen guy to this point, and I appreciate the good that you do. But that eighth inning? That just wasn't alright. Though, if it makes you feel any better, I blame Tito as much as I blame you. I understand the concept of having guys get through an inning, but Matt, you just didn't have it, baby. I'd like to remind you of your night: single, single, walk, walk, double, fielding error (by Lowrie). I just... I just don't want to talk about it any more. That's all.

You want something positive to take away from this one? David Ortiz hit his 300th home run as a member of the Red Sox. That's our Papi.... and that's only one of hundreds (more than 300) reasons that we love that man. Yes, I'm saying we, implying that everyone out there loves him, too. If you don't, you're incorrect. End of story.

The only other notable part of this game was Marlon Byrd getting hit below the left eye with an Aceves pitch in the second inning. Oh man, that was a scary moment. All I know is that I hope he's ok. I know Aceves didn't mean to do it, and I'm sure he feels badly about it. I'm rooting for a quick recovery for Marlon. Hopefully this doesn't impact his life or his career too severely.

Overall, just a crappy day of baseball. Our seven game winning streak was snapped, and we didn't take over the AL East like we all thought we would. Now.... now we turn to Wakefield to bring us a series win.

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