Friday, May 27, 2011

Crawford Kicks In: Four More Hits For #13

Before I get to this game, I want to recount a quick story. I got an email last night from a stranger, apparently after they read my blog. The email said, "I appreciate your love of Mr. Alex Gonzalez, but I think you're wrong about him. He's definitely not a better shortstop than Derrick Jeter is."

Without trying to overreact, I'm pretty sure this individual needs to be destroyed. Look, if you want to have your own stupid, wrong beliefs, you do that... but at least make sure you know how to spell the names of the players you incorrectly believe to be better than Gonzo. And don't email me about it! Derek Jeter's fielding couldn't hold a CANDLE to Gonzo's, and I don't even know why baseball players would HOLD candles on the field during gameplay! The whole thing is ridiculous. Please.... for future reference, everyone... I cannot tolerate people thinking Jeter is a better fielder than Gonzo. I cannot and will not tolerate it. Stop the insanity!

Anyhow, on to the game! See? I got back on track in a timely manner. It was another day, another 14 runs yesterday afternoon in Detroit. Much like what the Sox did to the Indians, they put quite the hurt on the Tigers to the point that the skies themselves decided they needed to take pity on Detroit and end the game prematurely. Alfredo Aceves stepped up in a big way, going six innings and only allowing one run. I guess it pays to have a former starter as your long-relief/spot starter out of the pen. Gold star for Aceves!

I've got a bunch of these gold stars. I bought a value pack just last week, knowing I would need them. CRW with a home run and three RBIs? Gold star! Papi with two hits and two walks? Gold star! Drew Sutton with two doubles? Gold star! Newly called-up outfielder, Josh Reddick, with three hits? That's just Reddickulous! Gold star! (For the record, I was PRAYING that he had a good game so I could use that line). Tek notching a hit and keeping his average over the Mendoza line? Gold star for him, too!

But the player who earned TWO gold stars on the night? Carl Crawford. Carl, WHY couldn't you have hit one of those triples during Wednesday's game? It doesn't matter now, but it would have been nice for you to have a cycle. Four hits, including two triples, makes Carl the MVP of the game. I have to say, I'm enjoying this version of Crawford SO much better than that April version of Crawford. He has really turned it on, and I am enjoying the show.

So, the Sox manage 16 hits in 8 innings of a rain shortened game, posting 14 runs for the second day in a row. Let's see what they've got left in the tank for Wakey tonight! Also, go Bruins. Please. No, I'm serious, I really need you to pull together and, you know, win. Please?


toosoxy said...

People are so weird. I get weird messages all the time. I was told my blog is "abrasive?" I told them I was just thrilled they were reading. That's when the arbitrary Posada references come in.
I don't know if this has been your experience- but more people visit my website when we lose.
There's an explanation for this. Almost all of my subscriptions are fans of three teams: Yankees, Cleveland and the Angels.
Note how Boston isn't in there.
See, I think this is a good thing. Because the world needs people like us to educate them. Preaching to the choir is irrelevant. Clearly, from that e-mail, we have a lot more preaching to do, you and I...
But Jeter? Really? Has your e-mailer WATCHED Jeter over the past year? I mean... a few years ago, I see how a Yankees fan MIGHT have managed that with a straight face (and still have been wrong because Gonz is amazing). But now? That just brings attention to the sad, sad, sad, sadness of your old, old, old team. I am really happy that individual is reading your blog. It's like we're missionaries. Oh, wow. Suddenly, Jup, you and I are so important.
It's a lot of pressure, really.

Jup said...

@toosoxy I always knew deep down that my efforts here were important. It IS a lot of pressure, but educating the masses is unbelievably important. You keep up the good work, and I'll do the same!