Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Atta Boy: Jonny Puts Us In First Place

This is obviously a picture of Lester vs. The Indians at Fenway 04 Aug 2010

All the superheros in the world (or the park) couldn't stop the hurt we put on the Indians today. We are behind the Yankees by mere percentange points right now. We were able to scrape back up the mountain to a point where we are technically tied with the Yankees for first place. Again, percentage points, but they've played fewer games than we have. Leave it to Jonny to help get us to the "top." Also leave it to him to become the first pitcher in the major leagues to reach seven wins. Considering the start this team had, the fact that he has seven wins shows how good (and lucky!) he's been. The boys have been pouring run support on for our ace. I mean, one of our aces. Beckett is clearly still an ace.

By the time Jon could even smell the field, the Sox had slapped a seven on the scoreboard. Mitch Talbot, fresh off the DL, certainly had no idea what hit him. The first inning went like this: single, homer, single, single, fielder's choice, single, single, sac fly, single, single, single, fly out. The only starter to not have a hit was Lowrider. Bad, Jed! With all that offense, you couldn't muster a hit? I guess it's fine. We ended up with fourteen hits and twenty runs.

By the time Lester came out of this game at the end of the sixth, he had given up zero runs, three hits, and a walk. This performance was VASTLY superior to some of the other games we've gotten out of Jonny lately, and it was a welcome sight.

From Jonny's no-hitter, May 19th, 2008... also a welcome sight.

I don't care about the two runs surrendered by the pen. If it were a closer game, I'd care, but since it wasn't, I don't. All I know was that it was a LOT of fun. Chicks dig the long ball, and Munchkin, Papi, Salty, and Crawford were happy to provide the excitement. Chicks (like me, I guess), also dig fantastic pitching and Lester gave me plenty of that. As awesome as the game was, the best part was clearly this line: "Oh yeah, that's a great mouse. How did we miss it?" - Don, discussing Danger Mouse. Brilliant. What a game.

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Anonymous said...

the past two games haven't just been wins. they have been happy wins.