Monday, May 9, 2011

No Love For Timmy: Friday's Sox Stink

I would love to be able to honestly write that I was shocked at Friday's game. Unfortunately, I wasn't, and I'm sure a whole bunch of you weren't shocked either. Wake wasn't sharp (and this may just be my complete homer side) but I don't think he was as bad as the results showed. Actually, I'm pretty sure that's just my complete homer side talking, mainly because I don't enjoy saying anything negative about Mr. Wakefield. Four point one innings, nine hits, and eight runs later, Wakefield's second start of the year was over, and Tito had been kicked out of the game.

It didn't take long, actually. Wake was charged with a balk in the second inning with runners on first and third and two outs. Tim faked to third and then to first, and apparently, Angel Hernandez felt he did not complete his motion in a satisfactory way and charged him with a balk. Tito lost it. I believe I've seen him angrier at times, but this was the first time this season that I remember him getting worked up to rabid levels. It was ugly. What's even uglier is the way the umpires are allowed to behave. Joe West blocked Tito from speaking to Hernandez. We get it, you're not allowed to argue balls, strikes, or balks. What's absolutely absurd to me is that after he was tossed, he still wasn't able to get even a two-second explanation of what Wakefield did wrong. Joe West is a disgrace to the game, and Angel Hernandez isn't much better. There is NEVER a time when I find out either of them are officiating for a game that I don't groan and accept that they're going to ruin something. Why aren't managers allowed to get clarification on a balk? Why are umpires allowed to make game-changing calls without justifying their decision? Do they think it'll make the game longer if they have to give a short justification? Oh, wait, I forgot. Umpires are infallible. We're supposed to treat them like deities. I'm getting really sick of worshipping at the altar of bad officiating.

My tangents... I do love them. My point is that it would have been much quicker and neater for them to tell Tito where the balk was. Kick him out of the game if you must, but at least explain. I strongly dislike these umpires. It didn't matter much. Aside from a JD Drew solo homer and an Ernie solo homer, there was no offense in this one. Aceves gets the gold star for coming out of the bullpen and pitching four point two innings, only allowing one run. Lowrider gets a slap on the back of his hand for two fielding errors, and the rest of the team gets detention for not showing up to class. And we watch .500 slip farther and farther away....

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toosoxy said...

I dislike THESE umpires in particular. You may recall Joe West from his rant last year that hit the Times- something about us being a "disgrace to baseball" and pathetic? He's a weasel. And Angel Hernandez is a joke.