Monday, May 2, 2011

Lackey: Could Have Been Worse - He Could Have Been The Offense

Six walks, seven hits, no runs. Five of those hits were doubles. FIVE OF THEM WERE DOUBLES! No runs. Let me make sure I'm clear.... Thirteen base runners were able to stumble their way onto the basepaths, and all thirteen were left there. In the first inning, with the bases loaded and one out, Papi struck out and Drew flied out to the end the inning. Not even a sac fly. Seriously, offense, you've got to be joking, right? At this point, after this game, I really hope that the guys are embarassed. They're impatient at the plate, swinging at bad pitches, and not coming through when we need them to. I don't remember if it was Saturday or Sunday, but Heidy Watney asked Dave Madagan what this team needs to do in order to hit with runners in scoring position. His response roughly equated to, 'they have to want to hit with runners on base.' Ok. I get it. If they're all dreading coming up to bat with runners on base, they're not going to do well. My problem is, why are all of them so terrified of it? Shouldn't there be at least ONE guy in this lineup who doesn't wet his pants when he has to hit with a man on second or third? Just one! Sorry, Dave Madagan, you don't deserve your paycheck this week.

Sure, we didn't get the best pitching performance in the world from John Lackey, but we definitely have gotten worse from him before. Six innings with less that three earned runs? By golly, that's a quality start! Another quality start wasted by a lack of offense. Not ok. What can I say about this game? It's actually pretty typical for this team. Frustrating. Hard to watch. Unenjoyable. For goodness sake, it's the Seattle Mariners.

I don't know about these guys. I keep seeing the "We Won't Rest" commercials, and I'm finding myself more and more annoyed with them, because I believe them less and less. I understand one or two guys being a slump at the same time, but the whole team? What's going on? I'll be honest, I just don't want to think about this game right now. At least I'll have ONE positive post from this weekend.... coming up next. Stay tuned.

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