Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Beckett: Strong Words To Back Strong Pitching

"F**k yeah! F***k this f***kin' place!" Shouted Beckett as the Rich Hills of Milton recorded the final out of the 7th inning. The fiery redneck pumped his fists in the air and scowled in the direction of the field. The Cleveland Indians knew Beckett savored every second of that out, and no one dared question his use of colorful language.

If I were to write a story about Josh Beckett, that would be the beginning of one of the really fun chapters. Don't worry, I'm not writing a story about Beckett... yet.... so I won't torment you with any more silly paragraphs like that one.

Wasn't it fun, though? The win, I mean. I thought the win was loads of fun. Aside from Beckett's pitch count being as hard to manage as my hair during the last month of rainy weather, the Papelbon-surrendered home run, and everyone on our pitching staff trying to kill OC, it was a great win!

See that pretty man in that picture there? That pretty man hit a home run last night! His first of the season, and his first since May 30th of last year! Do we all approve of the way our catchers have been hitting lately? I'm sure we do. I mean, I'm pretty excited about it. Tek had a good night! One hit, one walk, and two RBI. He also CAUGHT TWO BASERUNNERS! I mean... wow! That Jason... I do love him so! Sure, a good night for Tek isn't as good as say, a good night for Ernie, but I will take it all the same. Let's see Ernie try to throw out two baserunners. Yeah, didn't think so. Beckett, in regards to Tek:
"He's always helping me, but when he can throw somebody out and on a night when my breaking stuff's not my best, it keeps me from throwing more pitches," said Beckett. "I think he's been putting together some pretty good at-bats."
I think he has, too, Josh. I think he has, too.

Lester vs. Talbot today... If he wins, we could be tied for first place for at least a few hours... and if the Yankees lose tonight, well then, that baby is ours. Do it, Jon. We're behind you.

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toosoxy said...

Tek made me so happy.
It was just a happy, happy game. You know, the exact opposite of that Albers nightmare. Oh, and that Bard thing. It almost makes me forget the Bard thing.
Okay. I am going to go back to forgetting the Bard thing.
Yay, Tek.