Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sox Are Winners: Over .500!

I sat at Fenway for five innings of this game. Five. I don't feel as bad about leaving early when I'm in $12 bleacher seats and got free parking down the street from Fenway. It was a gross night... cold, windy, and rainy, and miserable on the field. It was the second time in a row that I've sat in Fenway for a Dice-K start that he lasted less than five innings, and it didn't look like it was going to end very differently. I'm glad it DID end differently, but even as I drove home, I said to my friend, "Even if they come back and win, I still think leaving early was the right choice."

I hate leaving games early, but sometimes it's the best choice. The Red Sox don't like to win in front of me this season, so I had to remove myself from the equation in order for the comeback to happen. So, you're welcome everyone.

Granted, I missed all the good stuff. The five run sixth? Missed it. Lowrider doubled in Drew, Tek singled in Lowrider, Ernie singled in Crawford, and Youk doubled in Tek and Ernie. Maybe I was making them nervous? I don't know, but I'm glad it happened even if I missed it. In the seventh, Tek singled in Lowrider AGAIN. It was like a loop in the matrix... a wonderful matrixy loop. The great ending where Ernie doubled in CRW and Munchkin? Well, technically I saw that on TV, so I didn't really MISS it.

Now that Lackey's on the DL (hooray!), how long before Dice follows him? I mean, the Lackey situation is different. I really think that he just needs a mental time out. I don't know what Dice needs. They may have different situations, but they have similar results, and those results are troubling at times. How do you make a pitcher consistent? I need to study up on pitching so I can one day be a coach and get the lower end of the rotation in order.

I like that the bats showed up. The only one in the starting lineup without a hit was Papi, but he gets a pass because he's been hitting well in all other games this week. Only Crawfish and Munchkin had one hit. Everyone else had two or three. I mean, we had fifteen hits, they had to be distributed somehow.

I'm rambly today because I don't feel good. Bottom line is that we won, coming back from a six run deficit. Ernie got his first Fenway walk-off moment, and we're looking forward to many more during the course of his career. Dice-K makes me angry, and Wakefield gets to pinch start tonight. We're over .500 for the first time all season, and things are good in Soxville. I've got no complaints. I've got another game to go to on Wednesday, and I promise, if they aren't doing well, I'll leave so they can win.

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toosoxy said...

Thanks for your sacrifice!
It's rainy and icky here too. If the Red Sox were playing in North Carolina (it was 32 degrees this morning), I might flake out of the last half too.