Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Zombie Mode: Braaaaaaaainnnnnsssssssssss

Oh dear God, today is going to last forever. How did I get here? I barely remember being in a car this morning, and for a forty minute commute, that's a bit scary. I'm exhausted. The only good thing about being this tired is that I can't work up a proper outrage about the lack of hitting last night/this morning. Listen, Red Sox, I hate giving John Lackey credit for anything, so to force me to have to say he deserved a win.... well, you guys are just jerks.

I don't know much about the opposing pitcher from last night. Apparently everyone in the lineup wets their pants at the sight of him or something, I don't know. Whatever the case, he was dealing and we were making stupid mistakes. Cam.... interference? You're a veteran, you know better than that. CRW would have been safe on that steal. Blown opportunity, because Ells could have scored on Craw's single, and Craw could have probably scored on Salty's single. We would have had a 1-run lead, and Okajima wouldn't have come into the game. Not that I'm just blaming Cameron for this, because the rest of the team did nothing for seven innings, so.... group loss. You all suck. Good job.

I never thought I'd actually need to type this, but.... thank God the Mets are so bad. They're the only reason that we're not the worst team in baseball right now. We are now nearing the end of April, and have essentially played two months of bad baseball (even though only one month counted). How much longer do they need to maintain that 'click' that they experienced over the weekend versus Toronto? You know, when they were able to outscore their opponents 21-3 in their three wins? I liked those guys, whoever they were. We should have taken them out west with us.

Hey Red Sox, believe me.... I hate west coast games as much as you do. Just... I don't know, just do something better. Anything. And while you're doing that anything better, make sure you don't start doing something else worse to compensate. Because making me stay up till 1:00 AM on a Tuesday to watch you lose is just cruel. I'd happily do it over a weekend, but cut me some slack.

We'll look on the bright side. Lackey actually did pitch very well. I'm still not giving him back the win I took from him for Jon Lester, but he did well, and that would be encouraging if I weren't so tired. I'd try to come up with another positive from this game, but I don't want to because I'm sleepy and my coffee hasn't kicked in yet.

I was just on The picture says "We Won't Rest Until Order Has Been Restored." Brilliant! Maybe that's the problem. Are these guys not sleeping? If they are sleeping, maybe they should live up to their promise and NOT sleep. Whatever amount of sleep they got the night before, they need to get the opposite. Also, is anyone else troubled that Beckett has 23 K's, Lester has 22, and the next closest are Dahmer and Lackey with 8 each? Should I be troubled? No? You're right, I'm not sure why I even wrote that. But it's written, and I'm not deleting it, so.... yeah.

Anyway, thank goodness today is an early game. Watch at 3:35 to see Dahmer try to get his season going.

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