Friday, April 8, 2011

Jon Lester: My Bright Light Shining In The Darkness

Forgive me for my momentary lapse of sanity yesterday. I just needed to let all my pent up frustrations out. I'm back to normal now, I swear.

Now I can look back on the game and pile heaps and heaps (but not too many heaps) of praise upon Jon Lester for pitching what may be his first good game in April ever! I'm incredibly proud of him. Not only did Jon go longer than any other starter thus far (7 IP), he gave up fewer runs (ZERO!), amassed more strikeouts (9!) and allowed fewer hits (3!) than any other starter. Jon made me very proud. Actually, it was a pretty good game. Games like this generally leave me with a feeling of 'it's ok because they did their best.' When they're in a six game losing streak, however, my perspective isn't always there. I'll take it as a step forward towards putting the whole puzzle together.

Apologies to Daniel Bard. It wasn't really you, Daniel, who put me in such a foul mood. But now that your face has been ripped off, your brain washed, and your face put back on, I feel like you should be good to go. Everyone just needs a 'reset' once in a while, and what better way to do that than brainwashing? Daniel won't remember any of this ever happened. To reiterate.... I love Daniel Bard. But I love winning more.

Oh, Ronald. Oversliding the bag? Just one more reminder of the complete team-wide ineptitude we've been experiencing lately. I'm sort of glad we're getting all these brain cramps out of the way now. Just imagine what it'll be like when the Sox win 20 in a row and commit no errors. It'll be fantastic! But the mistake, Ronald, is forgiven. The fact is that is Opening Day, and we as a group are able to forgive all transgressions on this day.... except for anything Lugo ever did. I'm still holding that against him.

So I am going to use the technique of 'selective memory' and attribute a W to Jon's great performance. When Lackey wins tonight, I'm going to mentally give him a ND, and Jon can have his W. Cause let's face it, when Lackey wins, he's not going to deserve it. Chances are, it'll be Gonzalez and Papi hitting back to back home runs (in my world, they're batting back to back. I don't know how it is in the real world. I didn't check yet) every time through the lineup. I see Red Sox home runs, smiles, and happy choruses of Sweet Caroline. It's the home opener, people! I drive by Fenway on my way to and from work, and it just FELT magical this morning. It filled me with a sense of 'goodness, this is all going to be just fine.' I believe. Yes, Dustin Pedroia, I've been two-feet in since the start. At 2:05, we're officially home again.

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