Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tek Is Human, Too: An Insight To The Captain

Baseballlessness: ehh, we'll go with noun. State of being that involves no baseball in your life. I guess it could be a adjective, too, depending on how you use it. Example: I am plagued with baseballlessness in my life today.

Today, I am indeed plagued with baseballlessness. I am also aware that there are far too many 'l's in that word, but I enjoy the superfluous consonants. So, flipping nonchalantly around the internet today, I happen upon a endearing article written about Jason Varitek, the love of my baseball life.

“People see me as this robot; we’ll just leave him alone and let him do his job,’’ Varitek said. “There’s a whole different element to me that can communicate and I’ve learned how to do that. A lot has happened and there’s a different me coming out."

It's a pretty good read, actually, and provides some insight to Jason as a person. Wing man... hah. Never expected that. It's nice to see that he's in a good place again, finally. Anyone who's watched him over the last few years could see it written all over his face that he was dealing with a lot. He's stoic most of the time, but the eyes don't lie, folks.

I also like how he admits to having gone through hundreds of hours of therapy. You know, despite therapy being pretty common in society these days, I feel like too many people refuse to get help because of a negative stigma hanging around it. Having athletes like Varitek, who garner the respect of (hundreds of?) thousands of people, admit to utilizing it seems like a pretty positive thing from my perspective.

Anyway, during bouts of baseballlessness, it's nice to have some fluffy pieces like this to remind us that yup, our team is filled with humans. Tragic, I know. But inspiring.

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