Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rainout: Best Game of The Year

Cause you can't lose a game you don't play!

I'm kidding, obviously. Josh Beckett vs. the Yankees was the best game of the year so far. I'm looking forward to many more magical moments like that.

So now the rotation is in disarray as it has been announced that John Lackey will be skipping his start this week. I don't know what this means for you guys, but for me, it meant that I didn't have to drink on a Wednesday. Instead, I got to go home, cook a nice dinner, and bake brownies (no vodka involved!), and I was able to go to sleep happy. Honestly, I'm never going to complain about not having to watch Lackey pitch, even if it does mean that I have to surrender a day of baseball. As much as I hate missing baseball is as much as I hate watching Lackey.

Nothing against the guy. I'm sure he's delightful as a person... I don't really know... but he does not pitch well. That's putting it nicely. And it bothers me that he doesn't seem to care that he doesn't pitch well, but that's another story for never.

It is a sad commentary, though, on the state of our team when a rainout causes such joy in SoxVille.
All the fans down in SoxVille, the tall and the small,
Were happy and joyous without baseball at all!
Others may puzzle, asking "How could this be so?
There's joy without singles! Joy without walks!
Joy without strikeouts, or curveballs, or balks!"
They would puzzle for hours till their puzzlers were sore,
Then they would think thoughts they hadn't before.
"Maybe those Sox fans don't need that much more!
Perhaps they're still happy from 2004!"
And what happened then? Well, in SoxVille they say,
The others' realized that the game those Sox play
Would benefit so much from skipping Lackey that night
That all other teams should be living in fright.
The rest, they all knew, would unleash such a beast
That those Sox would win games.... 90 at least!

With many, many apologies to Dr. Seuss for that last paragraph. See? When there's no baseball, my mind is left to wander, and then stuff like that happens. I didn't even intend to start writing that, and I apologize that you had to read it. But there. Don't we all feel better about having not seen Lackey pitch last night? I know I do. So, suffer through this baseballlessness for now, because when that beast awakens, it will be worth it. And if you don't believe, well then, you hate Christmas. Or something.

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