Sunday, April 10, 2011

Saturday Stomping: Red Sox Lose Again

My opening day, April 9, 2011

Well... that was not exactly what I hoped for when I arrived at Fenway Park yesterday. Clay Buchholz vs. Ivan Nova, I figured we had a pretty good shot at this. Me, my mom, and my friend Amy felt good after the win the day before. The weather was gorgeous, and the air was thick with the smells of sausage vendors on Landsdown St. We were seated in the right field upper box section, and the view was pretty good. I'd like to thank everyone who sat in my row yesterday. I've almost never had a row where I was not asked to get up once. Not once! It was so very appreciated, so thank you, everyone in my row. You were awesome. I loved you.

I know we lost. We got pounded pretty solidly, but it was just so wonderful to get to go home again and to see the sun shine, that I walked out of the park feeling like we had won. There were almost no obnoxious fans around us. We witnessed a proposal. I didn't have to deal with the stupidity of the wave. I couldn't have asked for more, really. I was a little upset to discover that the bullpen now walks from the dugout to the pen to western music. I guess I can understand. They haven't really been the pirates since Timlin left, so it was probably time for a new identity. I will do my best to embrace the wild west bullpen.

The last picture my camera would take... the whole thing just died after this.

Again, Pedroia was the sparkplug, collecting three hits and two of the Sox's four RBIs. With no production from Ells (0-4), Ernie (0-4), and Papi (0-5), we were kind of left for dead. Drew seemed to be on base all day, though he did have one at-bat where he didn't get on (he was 1-2 with a walk and a HBP). Big year for Drew, I'm telling you. There wasn't a lot to cheer for here, but what we did have, we cheered heartily. At least I did. The people around us seemed to be enjoying those rare moments, too. Despite having ten hits, we could only muster four runs.

Dahmer, Doubront, and Aceves were all kind of train wrecks. The one bright spot in the pitching staff for the day was Timmy Wakefield, going two innings and not allowing a single hit. It's always nice to see Tim pitch well. After all the home runs the Yankees were hitting off of us, it was nice to have Tim stop the bleeding (as strange as that sounds).

All in all, it was a good day. I wish I had more pictures to share, since I am oddly motivated to add pictures to my posts today, but my camera (God rest it's little electronic soul) just died. The batteries didn't die, the camera did. That camera provided me with six years of baseball pictures and I will remember it fondly. Thanks for all your help, little buddy.

Almost caught up! Two more posts to go!.... then again, some of that might have to wait till tomorrow. My hands are getting tired...

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