Friday, April 15, 2011

Flabbergasted: I... I Just...

This is the first time this season that I actually feel like I need to shut the game off so I don't cry. I keep trying to make sentences, and it's not working so well. I am too emotionally invested in baseball. How is it possible that two off days actually made this team WORSE?

Pedroia is the only non-pitcher who looks like he gives a shit. He can't do it by himself. Someone needs to step up and help him.

I'm trying not to be reactionary, but this one is HURTING ME. Physically hurting me. A game should never cause me literal pain. And sorry, Salty, but you're officially my goat for the season. I thought it was gonna be Lackey or Dice, but it's you. I don't think I am capable of liking you.

I'm hoping this one turns around, but I can't watch it. I'll check back after the game is over and hopefully have to update my post detailing just how wrong I was.

1 comment:

toosoxy said...

see, it's okay, because Josh Beckett is pitching tomorrow.

she said with enthusiasm...

tonight hurt.