Thursday, April 7, 2011

&^*%&&*&(*@#&#*&@*!^: Cannot Stop Swearing

When I get my head together, I will post a cohesive review of the game. It will be both positive and encouraging for the Red Sox, and it will show that I know not to let a little thing like their 0-6 record make me irrational. But for now? For now, I want to rip Daniel Bard's face off with my bare hands. I can't help it. I'm angry. Just give me till tomorrow to calm down, and I'll be back to sunshine and happiness, I promise.

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toosoxy said...

It will be okay. Just think about that little kid who gave the "Miracle" speech last year on Opening Day. I've got a link on my page if you can't find it.
Miracles. They happen at Fenway. They really, really do.