Monday, April 25, 2011

One Night In Anaheim: I Fell Asleep

I didn't fall asleep IN Anaheim. I actually fell asleep at around 1:15 AM, successfully missing the Red Sox win, but not missing any of the hair-ripping frustration that they provided in the first nine innings. Beckett was absolutely dealing. He was nasty and awful and just incredible. It was a joy to behold. It would have been much more of a joy, however, if the Sox didn't strand approximately a hundred guys in scoring position during the five innings that Josh had his no-hitter going. Yep, just about a hundred. Pretty sure of that. And not for nothing, but Christ, Josh! Do you know how long my list titled 'Guys I Don't Like Because They Broke Up Beckett's No-Hitter' is getting? Can you please just throw a no-no already? I can't hate everyone in the league, Joshua Patrick Beckett! Get your act together!

But Josh was pretty good regardless of the fact that he didn't get the win. Going eight solid innings, throwing 125 pitches (goodness, I love a pitcher who doesn't fall apart after 100 pitches...), and only allowing 2-runs on a home run to Torii Hunter in the 7th inning which probably shouldn't count because I didn't approve of it beforehand. Our boys had scored a grand total of two runs in the 6th (after the no-no was busted), both driven in by CRW, who then proceeded to get thrown out trying to steal second. Sigh. Whatever, I'll take the runs.

It's a shame I missed the bottom of the 10th. Rumor has it that Bobby Jenks actually pitched well. While he still didn't deserve the win, it's nice that the team got it. Anyway, in the 11th, a walk to Drew and a single by Munchkin set the table for a tie-breaking single by Ernie, followed by Lowrider sac-flying Munchkin home... because let's face it, it would have been ridiculous for anyone to score more or less than 2 runs at a time at any point in this game, wouldn't it?

Paps comes in, performs an abridged version of heart-attack theater, ends the game, gets the save, prompts exhausted Red Sox fans back on the East coast to sing Dirty Water to themselves as they finally get to hit the sheets.... except for me. I was already asleep.

Game one in Anaheim done, the Sox coming away with a hard-fought 4-2 win. Moving on to game 2, Jon Lester vs. Dan Haren.

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