Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lester: Never Happy With Himself

nu=3237>7:5>:<7>WSNRCG=3233886572;28nu0mrj"> (Jon Lester at a charity event in 2006 - photo by me... and no, that's no me in the background)

Good way for a pitcher to be. I, however, was quite happy with him. Yeah, he pitched against the Orioles, but I don't care what team you're pitching against. When the regular season comes a'callin', a W is a W no matter who the opposing team is. Some W's may seem more impressive, but they're all worth about the same. Usually.

I'd say, one occassion when a W is worth more than other W's is when you're tied for the lead in the division. Or wild card, or whatever. You get the picture. And, actually, a W is worth more when you beat a division rival that's ahead of you in the standings. Hmm... I guess I sort of just disproved my own theory? Whatever. I like wins, even if they're only spring training wins. Great. I start my first post of April as a rambly mess. Good job, me.

What was I talking about? Oh. Jon Lester. Right! One of my favorite topics. 7 IP, 1 ER, and 3 K's in his final start of the spring. Granted, I didn't SEE the start, so I'm basing my entire analysis of Jon on the box score, but to me, it all looks good. And hey, Vic had two home runs, one of which was a grand slam. I love that. That makes me happy. Good job, Vic... Victor.... Victory. I have no idea what to call you yet, but it's coming. A sustainable nickname is coming! When? I don't know.

In other news... 4 years and $68M for Beckett sounds like an awesome idea. He should totally go for it. Right?

And, of course I have to mention the fact that the Rangers aren't so interested in our boy Michael Averett Lowell right now. Are they planning on signing my Ducky? I sort of hope, because I want Millar employed, damnit! But, as usual, the whole Mike Lowell deal is being held up because of the money. I have a feeling that the money won't be an issue for long. Mike is hitting well again this spring, and being able to play first base makes him more attractive (as if that were possible). Still, I won't be crying if and when Mike is on the opening day roster for the Red Sox, even if he isn't on the field.

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