Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Calm Now: Not Happy, But Calm

I really needed my little mini-rant yesterday. I needed it badly. It was a rough day for me all around, with news that two family members were being rushed to two different hospitals. My stress level was already through the roof before the Sox started losing, so you'll have to forgive my outburst. And if you don't, I guess I don't care.

I also do not care if the Sox don't win a single game from here on out, there is NEVER an excuse to sit at the park and boo the players. NEVER. It's ok not to cheer if you see something wrong with the play, but booing doesn't help. I'll hopefully be at the park for my first game of the season tonight. Hopefully! Instead of booing all the folks who are struggling, we could try cheering extra loud to hopefully show them that we still support them. Yeah, winning is fun and easy, but not all times are good times no matter how hard we want them to be.

Though, at the same time, I understand how hard it is to cheer for a team that looks baffled by the concept of baseball. Truly baffled in all aspects of the game. I know my memory is pretty short, but I don't remember watching a team that just had no clue the way these guys have no clue right now. Please, someone shut off the brain drain device and let them get back to normal. I can ALMOST forgive the lack of hitting, because hitting a baseball is harder than it looks. Not catching though... no, that's not ok. If you have time to position yourself under the ball, and you still don't catch it, then what business do you have playing in the major leagues, eh?

I've heard a lot of people wondering why Ellsbury isn't on the disabled list. That's a fantastic question. I am wondering the same thing. Perhaps the Sox forgot they could do that? Or perhaps they don't want to leave Pawtucket shorthanded early in the season by taking away the good hitter that is Josh Reddick? I don't know. I'm sure they have their reasons, and as usual, the fans have more questions than answers.

Actually, the Sox season is starting to look like an episode of Lost... of which I am ridiculously obsessed. I guess Theo would be Jacob, claiming that there's a reason for everything, but not telling us what that reason is. Tito most closely resembles Locke... the eternal optimist always convinced that no one can tell him what he can't do (I mean real Locke, not smoke monster Locke. Very different characters). I wonder if I can find a Lost character for all members of the Red Sox... Let me try!

-Timmy Wakefield would be Desmond Hume - He's been connected with the island since before most of the new folks showed up. He's felt the intense pain of loss and longing more frequently than the other inhabitants. Tim and Desmond both keep coming back on a quest to get back some kind of metal object (WS trophy for Tim, Penny for Desmond).

-David Ortiz would be Hugo Reyes - He's seen great fortune in his past and reaped fantastic rewards, but he hit a patch of very, very bad luck. There's always something hanging around and pressuring him (the way the ghosts of the island hang around Hugo), and even when he knows he's doing the right thing, doubt starts to creep in.

-Jason Varitek would be Richard Alpert - He's been around a long, long time. His appearance usually doesn't change. He's generally a very calm person and good at leading people. People look to him for advice on what to do next, and even when he doesn't know, he does his best to keep his flock moving.

-Mike Lowell would be Daniel Farraday - Mike and Daniel are both extremely smart. Both men know that they're smart, and sometimes people look to them for answers. Most of the time, however, they're overlooked by people with louder ideas. Soft-spoken and very useful, Mikey and Daniel are both just trying to help everyone out, even if it is to their own detriment.

-Josh Beckett is Sayid Jarrah - Both are complete badasses who still manage to stay quiet. They know what needs to be done, and they do it. If you need some serious destruction of other people, you know who to go to.

-Kevin Youkilis is James "Sawyer" Ford - Really stretching these comparisons here, but the one thing that got me is the temper. Both of them have nasty tempers.

-Dustin Pedroia is Charlie Pace - Both are little guys who most people assumed would never do anything useful, but both proved that they have huge hearts and give their all to help the people around them.

Ok, well, I'm bored with this now, but it has put me in a much better mood about the team. I believe they'll be ok, and I believe that Tim will get the W's rolling in again. Starting tonight. See you at the Fens

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