Friday, April 30, 2010

Been Waiting To Use This One: "Do You Hear That, Mr. Anderson? That's The Sound of Inevitability."

I think that may win the award for my longest post title yet, but I so needed to write it. I really did, especially when I learned that the Sox have sent Lars Anderson to Pawtucket. I didn't even intend to write a post today, seeing as how there was no game, but I got very excited at the thought of this. I like Lars. Watching him struggle kind of sucked, so I'm glad he got it back on track. Dude was nice enough to autograph my ticket when I went to the Sea Dogs game, so he'll have my loyalty forever.

It was inevitable, you know. Eventually he would turn it around and get back on track. I'm glad he's made it up to Pawtucket... er... actually, down to Pawtucket. Rhode Island still is south of Maine, correct? Hell, you know what I mean. Good for Lars! And good for me for being able to use Matrix quotes for moments like this! It's the little pleasures in life that get me through.

April is now over. My goal was 23 posts. I believe this is my 27th, so good job to me for turning around my laziness. Hopefully both Lars and myself continue to excel in the month of May. And yes, I did just claim to be excelling. Stop looking at me like that.

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