Wednesday, March 31, 2010

250 Posts: Heading Into The Season

Yeah, again, I have nothing special planned. I was actually trying really hard to keep up with the updates until I got sick (better now!), and I slacked off a bit. My last post for March... can't believe we finally made it through this horrible month. It WAS horrible. Cold. Rain. Losing record for the Sox, not-so-serious injuries to a bunch of players, brain surgery for Ryan Westmoreland, and Kevin Millar getting cut by the Cubs. Seriously, I am not going to miss March. But, oh man am I excited for April!

How could I not be? The Mayor's Cup Champion Red Sox will be home in just! Four! Days! Beckett, he of the four-year-contract-extension-talks, will be on the mound! In Fenway! Ok, yes, I am aware that I am excessive in my use of punctuation. Don't fault me. I'm excited. Because in just four days when Beckett makes his way to that mound, all of that terrible, nasty stuff that happened in March disappears. Well... you know what I mean. It doesn't disappear, it just feels better.

So, I got to watch Beckett finally on NESN this spring, and I liked what I saw. I wasn't blown away by him giving up two home runs, but that's been a problem in the past for him anyway so it doesn't surprise me. Little bit concerned about the rough spring that Rambo's been having. I like him, and I hate to see him struggle. Hopefully, he's only struggling because he misses Boston so badly. Still not so sure about the return of Alan Embree. I know, he's only appeared in what, two games? He pitched in 36 games last year and was injured, so he is just trying to work the kinks out. I get the impression that he'll start the season in Pawtucket, or be put into extended spring training or something. No way Embree is on the roster come April 4th.

My security blanket, Lester, gets his final start of the spring today. I won't be able to see it, but I'll be hoping that he has a good final start, because I really would like to see him end spring strong and start the season right. It would also be nice if someone other than Muchkin, Asshat, and Vic could pull out more than one hit per game. Oh, and perhaps we could get some sharp fielding. That would be awesome.

So, in conclusion to this, my 250th post of all time, I leave you with Millar. Because he's available, and he wants you to take him home (hint, hint, Theo).

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