Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Perspective: Trying It Again Today

I spent a large part of my morning thinking about Jon and Josh's performance in the last two days. It sort of bugs me that people are pulling apart the pitching staff already two games in. But, we're Sox fans. We're reactionary.

I'm going to do my part to relieve some of the hysteria that's already building. This one statement HAS to make all the difference to folks who say Lester can't pitch and Beckett is a waste of money.... April has been a rough month for our power pitchering aces in the last few years. Proof, you demand? Here's my proof, organized by pitcher:

Jon Lester
April/March 2008: 7 games, 1-2 record, 4.31 ERA, 39.2 IP (average of about 5 IP/gm), 38 H, 19 ER, 23 BB, 22 K
Whole 2008 season: 33 games, 16-6, 3.21 ERA, 210.1 IP (average of just over 6 IP/gm), 202 H, 78 ER, 66 BB, 152 K

April 2009: 5 games, 1-2 record, 5.40 ERA, 30 IP, 36 H, 18 R, 10 BB, 33 K
Whole 2009 season: 32 games, 15-8 record, 3.41 ERA, 186 H, 77 ER, 64 BB, 225 K

Josh Beckett
April/March 2008: 4 games, 2-2 record, 4.10 ERA, 26.1 IP, 18 H, 13 R, 7 BB, 29 K
Whole 2008 season: 27 games, 12-10, 4.03 ERA, 174.1 IP, 173 H, 78 ER, 34 BB, 172 K

April/March 2009: 5 games, 2-2 record, 7.22 ERA, 28.2 IP, 36 H, 24 R, 16 BB, 31 K
Whole 2009 season: 32 games, 17-6, 3.86 ERA, 212.1 IP, 198 H, 91 ER, 55 BB, 199 K

Of course, if I go further back than the last few years, Beckett throws the curve way off. I knew Beckett would deviate slightly from my claim, but Lester's numbers show you that he's gonna struggle in April, and by September, you're going to be questioning why you ever questioned him to begin with!
And just for the hell of it, please keep in mind that our starter tonight, John Lackey, hasn't pitched in April since 2007. Granted, he was very good in that April, but he's been hanging around Beckett and Lester a lot, so let's keep our expectations a little tempered. April is a tough month. Now, if our Big Three are pitching like garbage in June (which is statistically Jon Lester's best month), then you can come to me with your concerns. Until then, hush!

And for goodness sake, people, stop texting me about how bad the players are. Game three! We're only heading into game three! Stop panicking! Thank you

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