Sunday, April 18, 2010

Friday's Game: Ended On Saturday

Of all the losses of the season thus far (and keep in mind, I acknowledge it's early in the season), this one broke my back. I snapped. I found myself bitching about how this team is going nowhere. There's NO chance that this configuration of baseball players can even make it to the playoffs, nevermind win any goddamn thing. Trust that my actual tirade was far more obscenity-laced that this. Far more. I was furious with everything having to do with the left side of the field.

Beckett was brilliant. BRILLIANT. It was the best damn pitching performance I'd seen from him for a while. It was literally the only thing keeping me from throwing something at my television screen. I loved watching him. It gives me a little hope that maybe this is a sign of things to come. However, you could see it pretty damn clearly on his face that he's having a hard time trusting the left side of his infield. Not that you can blame him.

Now, here is my overreacting for the week.... that loss that started on Friday and ended on Saturday was ALL Adrian Beltre's fault. All of it. I blame the entire thing squarely on his stupid shoulders. Sure, I could blame Scutaro and Tim Bogart, because seriously? Who sends the runner from first on a double with no one out in a tied game? Who? Tim Bogart. Not that I believe we could have gotten Youk home from third even with no one out, but you don't do that shit. And Scutaro? Learn to field. Defense my goddamn ass.

But no, I blame Beltre. Not only for the crappy play that allowed the only unearned run the Rays had to score, but for grounding into a *&%^$!-#$^&*!@$ double play when ALL he needed to go was hit the ball into the air. Yes, I make it sound simple. It is simple. Stop swinging at goddamn crappy pitches, learn to be a little patient, and stop screwing the team over. All we needed was a sac fly, and Beltre ensured that we wouldn't get it. I won't blame Ortiz, because enough people are blaming Ortiz, and I will never EVER turn on Papi... but I don't owe anything to Beltre, and that's all he'll get from me; nothing. Varitek, on the other hand... thank God for the Captain.

Once we squandered the bases-loaded opportunity, I knew it was over. I think everyone else knew it was over, too. You could just feel the momentum get sucked out of the Sox dugout. I don't have faith in Manny Delcarmen, but I think that anyone who would have come in would have blown the game. It was destiny. As soon as you screw up that badly, it's over. There's no fight left.

I was hoping to see a little fight in the Saturday game, and we got it. Just a little. But for now, I'm too mentally exhausted to recount it. Maybe I'll get around to that later today.

All I know is, I blame Beltre.

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