Friday, April 23, 2010

Dahmer: Killing The Competition Till The 7th

It's insensitive and incredibly difficult to try to come up with serial killer related puns every time Dahmer takes the mound, but I'm committed because I care. I'll give him credit. He pitched better than any of our other starters had for a long while. Six scoreless innings is more than I could have hoped to ask for. And he was efficient, which is even better. Ten K's and only 1 BB usually makes for a pretty good outing. Unfortunately, this great pitching performance leads to two not-great results. The first being that we still lost the game because CJ Wilson was just that much better. The offense decided that they needed a break, and we lost three to nothing. Oh well, at least we won the series.

The second not-great result is that Wake is being kicked out of the rotation. I don't entirely think this is permanent, because I'm pretty confident that Dice is going to reinjure himself at some point in the season, so Wakey will get his spot back. It just really stinks that in Tim's quest to win 18 more measley games (a quest which started with him pretty much stabbing himself in the foot, I guess), he's getting banished to bullpen land. On the plus side, those crazy pirates out there have needed some leadership since the Admiral left town. He can't be the admiral, and we already have a captain and a commander. Perhaps Tim would like to take on the role of lieutenant? I can't imagine that anyone out there is higher ranking than officer anyway.

Of course, with Dice set on the path for return, who goes down? You're not going to lose anyone in the trinity of BOP (Bard, Oki, Paps).... yes, I just called them the trinity of BOP. BOP is their collective name. Hey, I like acronyms, ok? You've got Atchinson, Schoeneweiss, Rambo, and Delcarmen. My money is on the Sox claming Manny is injured and sending him away, but it's more likely that they'll dump Schoe or Atchinson. Sad but true. We'll see what happens. Can't get rid of any bench players. We need those guys.

Also... how did the Sox miss the fact (for over a WEEK!) that CRW had four fractured ribs? That's not exactly something that I feel they should be missing.

Anyway. As someone who loves great pitching, I really did enjoy watching the game last night. I would have enjoyed it more if the outcome had been favorable for us. So I give credit where credit is due. Toight, on the other hand.... if we don't win tonight, I don't care if it's a score of 1-0, I won't be happy with it. There is NO excuse for losing to a team like the Orioles. They're the types of teams we're supposed to feast on to build up our strength before taking on teams with winning records. Frighteningly enough, even if we win all three games, we're still walking away with a less than .500 winning pct. 6 and 10 to start the season. Lord, I did not expect this. Neither did anyone else, I'm sure. But even though it's only April, it's time to start winning series, if not going for the full sweep. Tampa's at 12 wins. We have exactly half of that. We're supposed to be one of the three big powers in this division, not one of the two bottom-feeders. Time to start clawing out before it's too late. Got that Lester? No more of your ridiculously shenanigans. We really need you to be sharp tonight. Super sharp. Don't suck. That's an order.

It'll be a good night for sports-watching if you're a Boston fan. Sox are opening aforementioned series with the O's, the Bruins will be in Buffalo for game five... a game that if they win will send them to round 2 of the playoffs. The Celts are in Miami for game three with a series lead of 2-0. Let's hope that we get at least a few wins out of tonight.... but if I had to pick only one, I'd go with the Bruins. C's and Sox have won recently. Let's give the Bruins some luck. Let's go Bruins!

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