Monday, April 19, 2010

Screw Yesterday: I'm Bitchin' About Today.

You've got to be f@$%ing kidding me, right?

No. Really. You've got to be. I'm having too bad of a f@$%ing week for John Lackey to be pitching this shitty. I try my damndest not to swear on my blog, but GOD DAMNIT, you a$$%)#s need to pull your goddamn shit together!

Or there's going to be arson!

Edit: And not for f@$%ing nothing, but Varitek's GIDP's... 0
Victor's GIDP's.... 6
And I don't want to hear about limited sample size. 6 GIDP's in two weeks of baseball is BEYOND inexcusable.

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