Sunday, April 11, 2010

Captain Tek: The Reason We Won

It was the awesome power of the Tek thighs that really powered that win last night. I love that man.... so very much. I don't know why people are surprised about Jason's two home runs right out of the gate. Now, if he's having two homerun games in September, then you can color me surprised. For now, I'm thrilled but not all that surprised.

He usually plays pretty well on his birthday. But since he isn't playing on his birthday, he had to settle for the night before. So happy birthday, Jason. You did us all proud, so you deserve a nice, relaxing birthday on the bench. There's a reason you're still the Captain.

While we're at it, happy birthday to Little Tek. I hope where ever he is right now, he's getting to play some baseball (or, you know, doing whatever he wants to do). I love April 11th. The birthday of two of my favorite players? It may as well be a national holiday.

As for the Commander.... solid performance. Yeah, I was absolutely furious in the 7th inning because he couldn't get that last goddamned out, but I was able to keep myself from swearing too loudly when I remembered that he DID get hit in the back of the head with a screaming liner. He may very well have been a little dizzy... perhaps dazed. Before he got hit in he head, I was convinced that he could go all nine. Well, after thirty pitches in the 7th, that wasn't likely. Luckily, Oki and Rambo were on their A-game and they were able to close it out for us.

I have to say... I am absolutely fed up with Rick Ankiel. Can none of our pitchers get this guy out? My God. Annoying.

Also, just so I don't forget... whoever is playing third base, be it Lowell or Beltre needs to beware. I'm just saying. Youk's been HBP by the Yankees, Munchkin and Scutaro were HBP against the Royals... in order. It's going around the infield. Whoever plays third needs to watch out, lest they become the next victim of a stray fastball. Seriously, four games and we've already had three of our players hit by pitches? No one else finds this concerning? I do!

But, onto my main point. Mike Lowell. So so good to see Mike be able to contribute to the team. He had a solid hit, (to my recollection) pretty solid at bats, and definitely the defensive play of the game. Mike Lowell can contribute. Mikey deserves to have a starting job. Hearing that he's thinking about retirement breaks my heart. I didn't think I'd ever say this because I am selfish and I want to keep Mikey for my own personal joy, but maybe I can stand to see him traded to another team so long as he gets to start on that team. Mike right now is in my top five favorite Red Sox players. Actually, he may be top 3. Everyone knows Tek is my favorite. No one will ever beat Tek as my favorite, and Beckett and Lester are my favorite pitchers... but I think Mike might actually hold my number two favorite player over the two of them, and man, that's saying a lot. I hate thinking that Mike's unhappy. I hate thinking that he might want to hang 'em up because he's frustrated. Mikey's never been anything but a professional, and he doesn't deserve this. For what it's worth, I'm sure he knows he has the fans behind him. If only the fan support could get him a starting job. I don't want to wish injury on Adrian Beltre so Mikey can have a job, but... I sort of find myself wishing exactly that. I don't have anything against Beltre, but I love Mike. His sadness hurts me.

Sigh. Anyway, to change topics... Jeremy Hermida absolutely needs a nickname. I like him, but I'm just not feeling a good name for him. Hopefully, he does something quirky and memorable so I can stop calling him Hermida.

Dahmer on the mound today, in just about an hour and a half. Let's see what the kid is going to bring to the table.

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toosoxy said...

I was so upset to miss this game! I was unloading boxes, but did get to catch the highlights post-move. I think you do an excellent job here of capturing the Tek-excitement. He's still got it. And I'm optimistic that he'll still have it for the season. Especially if he gets sporadic play. He just has this talent for working with pitchers. I think part of Beckett's success can also be attributed to Tek. It just makes me really excited for things to come.