Monday, April 26, 2010

Vomit: My Reaction To Tonight

On a night where Jason Varitek has four RBIs and was able to get hits with the bases loaded, you would think I'd be happy... but no. Beckett decided that he wants me to be bulimic, because his pitching made me lose my dinner.

I can't think of words bad enough to describe our pitching staff and outfield defense. I can't even invent enough vulgarities to make this ok. I am embarrassed for these pitchers. Not like they care, they're millionaires.

I'll have more to say tomorrow. I'm too busy throwing up right now. Josh ruined my night. Thanks a lot, Beckett. After the month of April, I would totally be justified in taking a hit out on our starters. Thank goodness Wake is in the pen now. He's safe.

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