Monday, April 19, 2010

Saturday: Will Do Bad Things To You

Specifically, Saturday did a good job triggering a bunch of anxiety issues, and making people all whiney. I actually got a text saying, "I wish we could run Henry, Werner, Lucchino, and Theo out of town and get back to to way the Red Sox were. It used to be so much fun to watch a baseball game!"

Of course, I'm not quite THAT reactionary yet, so I made it clear that I in NO way agree with that statement. Yeah, let's go back to the cloudy judgment of the Yawkey Family, who I credit only for keeping the team crappy for as long as they did. I love what the ownership group did with this team. Sure, I'm not happy with the GM, but how many teams are happy with their GM's? Everyone can always find things to complain about when it comes to how their favorite teams are assembled. Theo just makes it easy for me to find complaints. And, oh, I have many. Including, but not limited to, our defense. They have me holding back vomit.

And then Dahmer still can't pull himself together after a base hit. Does this kid had PTSD or what? I'm not going to go off on him. We all know I've never been sold on his talent. That has nothing to do with him. It's all about my biases. See, it's fun because I can look at two pitchers like Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz, and I can see nothing but good in Lester and nothing but mediocrity in Buchholz. But they've both been pretty mediocre lately, so I have no substantial basis for my analysis of the two. I pick favorites. It's what I do, and it's what you do, too. Everyone who follows sports picks favorites.

The most painful part was, of course, pulling to within a run and having our dreams shattered when we just absolutely could not push one more across. One run losses hurt the most, especially when you're just so close from coming back from a big deficit. These games have been hard to watch. We are not playing anything close to good baseball right now, but I absolutely have to believe they're going to click. On the plus side, the facts that NO ONE can get hits with runners in scoring position, no one can field, and our pitching has been pretty terrible at times means that some of the anger has been directed away from Papi. I still stand by my support for the man, because he is clutch... deep down, somewhere hidden right now, his clutchiness is hiding. We've just got to force it out. I have my faith intact.

I need another break before recounting Sunday's game. Hopefully I'll have that commited to blog form before the end of the game that starts in forty minutes. I might hate to write the next entry, but it's got to be written. We all know it does. My goal for the month is 23 blog entries. I'm not even close right now, and we're winding down, so all games have to be written about... no matter how painful they are. Sigh. They'll snap out of this. They have to. There's too much talent for them to be this bad forever.

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