Thursday, September 4, 2008

Me: As Lazy as the Day is Long

And lately the days have been quite long, trust me. Ok, so I haven't kept up with pretty much anything on here in a week. Let me do a quick recap:

-After losing that third game to the Yankees, we went on to win 2-3 from the CWS. Ozzie Guillen fell in love with our little Munchkin, and tried to make Michael Bowden feel bad about himself. Don't worry, folks, Bowden cares as much about Ozzie's opinions as the rest of us do. You hear them, giggle, and move on with your life.

-Munchkin has been moved to the cleanup spot, where he's been starring in his very own TV series - the Pedroia Power Hour. Granted, it's a three hour show, airing whenever the Red Sox play, but the Pedroia Power Three Hours didn't sound quite right. The little guy is just destroying everything he sees, and it's so much fun to watch. The next episode airs Friday night at 8:05 PM EST. Tune in!

-I got to see my beloved Ducky again... and for once he didn't hit everything in sight off of our pitching staff. Being around the Red Sox makes Millar a better person, I just know it does. So when does the campaign to get Millar into the announcer booth at Fenway start? Do we really have to leave him with the O's? They don't need him anyhow. Besides, when Kevin Millar smiles, the whole world smiles with him.

-Yesterday's game ended in a very Mothers' Day Miracle sort of way, with the exception being that we weren't down by five runs, and Ducky had nothing to do with the win. Maybe Orioles pitching just can't field. Really though, we would have won that game even if the pitcher hadn't thrown the ball into left.

-I was driving home from "job" when the Red Sox started their comeback yesterday. As I was driving on the Mass Pike, heading for home, those old, familiar light towers of my beloved ballpark came into view. The very goddamned second that I passed Fenway, Kotsay (from here on known as C+) hit the game tying triple. Magic happens... and it happens when I'm near Fenway. I just have really good timing, and the O's have a really bad pitching staff.

-The Commander is slated to come off the DL tomorrow, and to bring his buddy Mr. Awesome with him. If this happens, it will make me very happy, although I have my doubts about Beckett. We'll see what actually ends up happening. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

-Speaking of injuries, maybe I missed them but I haven't really heard any updates on Frankie. Is he ok? Is he coming back? I was so disheartened in Toronto when he wasn't playing any of the games... and then I found out he was hurt, and it just made me so sad. Glassman is also on the DL, and while I wish him a speedy recovery, we don't really need him that badly. The subs are filling in just fine. POS may not play again this season, and, well... who cares, really?

-Mumbles of "MVPetey" have sprung up. Nation, or Sox fans, or whatever the hell you people want to call yourselves... don't get your hopes up. Aren't the people who vote for MVP the same ones that vote for Cy Young? They'll give it to someone... anyone as long as they can avoid giving it to a Sox player. You tell me that Sabbathia really deserved the Cy Young over Beckett? Their stats were so similiar, but Beckett had that extra win... the only 20 game winner in baseball in two seasons and he didn't get the Cy? Bullshit. Pure bullshit. I don't want to hear "well Fatass pitched 40 more innings!" My response will always be - And look what that got him. Post-season sucktitude, and a Cy Young that deep down, he knows he didn't really deserve. Expect someone like Carlos Quentin in Chicago to win it. Honestly, I'd love Munchkin to win it, but I just don't see it happening.

-This entire post is turning into a Pedroia-love-fest. Can't help it, I guess. The kid is so hot right now I can't even make it into a joke of some kind. Awesome. Just awesome.

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