Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mark Kotsay: Completely, 100% Responsible for that Loss

I'm blaming Kotsay. From where I sat, Kotsay seemed to strike out to end every big inning. He quit on a ball that quickly became a ground rule double, and when he DID decide to dive, he decided not to make the catch. He spoiled my Fenway experience last night. I'd change his nickname from C+ to F-, but I honestly don't even think he deserved the F-...

As did Francona. For Christ sake, Francona! Kotsay, Lowrie, and Bailey were killing us at the plate... and why were Kotsay and Bailey BOTH in the game on a night where we could have clinched?... And he waited until we had NO runners in scoring position to pinch hit Sean Casey? Or even to pinch run Coco Crisp? Kotsay is batting .205 or something equally as ridiculous with the Red Sox. Coco is batting over .280... who does Francona pick to start? That's right, the one who actually hits worse than Coco.

We left an army of men on base. An ARMY. Beckett hit three batters. I waited all season (including pre-season) to see Beckett pitch, and this is how he repays my love and adoration? It's cool. I still have a .750 winning percentage at games I've been to this year, so I'm not gonna complain much. I still enjoyed being at Fenway, and watching the Admiral joke around with the Indians bullpen before the game (someone from their bullpen gave Mike an Indians jacket)... I really wanted to be there for the clinching game, but no such luck for me, because Kotsay can't hit, Francona can't put together a major league lineup, and Beckett doesn't pitch well during even-numbered years!

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