Monday, September 22, 2008

MLB.Com: Fancy Copyrights Don't Chase Away the Stupid

I was electronically meandering around today.... I went to check out the standings, just to refresh my memory of what our magic number is. Well, according to the math gurus over at, the Red Sox were actually eliminated from the division. We're 1.5 back with 7 left to play, but MLB thinks that it's MATHEMATICALLY IMPOSSIBLE for us to win the division. Ok, sure. Maybe the 'elimination guy' just got a little "E" happy and kept right on typing. I know the joy I feel when I think, gee, those Yankees aren't gonna make the playoffs. They're 8 games back with six left to play. It's not gonna happen. *

Of course, while I was over there, I ran into the giant vomit-fest that is the Yankee Stadium last breath love fest. This is not the Yankee stadium of Gehrig and Ruth. You goddamn Yankee frauds and all the hacks that are clamoring to kiss your asses sicken me. This article, more than anything else, really annoyed me.

Yes, Babe Ruth may have hit the first home run in Yankee stadium (you know, the original one).
Jose Molina did not hit the last home run at Yankee Stadium. Duke Sims (strangely, also a catcher) did, on Sunday, Sept. 30, 1973. Because that was the last game at Yankee Stadium. It was in 1973! Not 2008! That... thing that everyone is crying over has only been around for thirty two years. It opened in 1976. So if you want to get specific, Bryan Hoch, (which I know you don't, because you're a sad little Yankee hack, writing whatever they tell you to write), you should really write an article about how Dan Ford (of the Minnesota Twins) hit the very first home run in Yankee Stadium II, and Jose Molina hit the last one.

Stop making Andy Pettite out to be some kind of a saint. Yeah, he was around for the championship run, but he LEFT NEW YORK! On his own free will! And then when the Yankees were desperately throwing around money, in need of pitching, he came back.

And then there's this... "Johnny Damon also connected on a three-run homer for the Yankees, who backed starter Andy Pettitte through five-plus innings as the left-hander -- a stalwart of the club's recent championship dynasty -- went into the books as the final winning pitcher." Recent championship dynasty? Recent? My niece and nephew weren't even alive yet when the Yankees last won a championship. In all fairness, it hasn't been decades upon decades, but to call it recent is absolutely ridiculous.

Oh! Oh! And then to basically make himself look stupid, he tosses in this, "Pettitte, the second-winningest pitcher at the remodeled Stadium to Ron Guidry (99), threw 85 pitches over his five-plus innings of work, allowing three runs (two earned) while walking one and striking out three." So the stadium only counts as being the "remodeled" stadium when trying to make Pettitte look good? Pathetic.

This is the last I will talk about Yankee Stadium. I'm so thoroughly annoyed that this crap has been shoved down my throat all season. I'm glad it's over. I'm glad the love fest can stop. I know it won't, but it can. And it should. Yeah, some great players have been through Yankee Stadium in it's 32 year existence. Let's not pretend that ALL the Yankee greats played there, because that just makes Yankee fans and Yankee writers, and ESPN, and look incredibly stupid.

*Edit: They've now fixed the standings on to reflect that the Sox have not yet been eliminated... even if they want them to be

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