Monday, September 15, 2008

Blue Jays Series: Good Times

Yeah, I'm aware that I don't post on the weekends, and yes I know I'm late posting by my own standards, but forgive me. I've got a shiny new printer here at work and I'm trying to get it to accept and love my computer. So far, I have failed, so the Help Desk is basically trying to be a matchmaking service. Printer... I will MAKE YOU love computer, if it's the last thing I do for the day!

So anyhow.... Wakefield.... awesome. Byrd... disappointing. Colon.... didn't even realize he was scheduled to pitch, but good nonetheless. Lester... seriously, you don't know by now? Lester is money. Cash in a win with Jon on the mound. As long as Cash isn't playing, of course.

Luck went our way in this series, which is something that you really can't take for granted. If Papelbon didn't have a little luck, you're looking at a 2nd and 3rd situation with no outs, and the tying run being the guy on 2nd. Luckily, we got a bad call in our favor (to make up for all the blown HR calls this year, I suppose), and we won that third game.

On a side note... honestly, was Papelbon surprised that his high school dance video would come out eventually. And was he even really embarrassed? He should be relieved he was wearing pants... sort of.

Byrd may have been terrible in that first Saturday game, but in all fairness, he was due for a bad start. Pitchers having bad starts is just something that happens. You have to expect it, and you have to deal with it. For a gross metaphor that I tried to avoid using but couldn't, it's like that special monthly visitor that females are blessed with. You know it's due to come eventually, and yes it sucks, and probably ruins your day, but you just have to expect it. If you expect it, it's never as bad.

Ok, I have no idea where my mind is today. I'm fretting over Kazmir. I hate facing Kazmir. Don't get me wrong, I love the guy as a pitcher and watching him make teams look stupid does tend to be pretty enjoyable. You know, except for when it's the Red Sox being made to look stupid. Then I don't enjoy it. I can't even tell you the last time I used the phrase "fretting," that's how much I'm actually fretting.

I also want to point out that Carlos Zambrano is now my least favorite pitcher in baseball. After going almost the entire season with only Lester's no-hitter to adore and be proud of, Z decides it's time to take the crown of "Most Recent No-No" from Jon. We were SO CLOSE to the end of the season... two more weeks, and Jon would have been the only one this year. But it was not to be. Does this mean the Cubs are gonna win the World Series now? I mean, Clay's no-no was the last one last year, and we won it... I don't know. I'm still proud of Jon for everything he's done this year, reigning no-no crown or not.

For the record, I am aware that this blog might as well be called "I Love Jon Lester" because the dialogue has devolved into something like this "Jon Jon Jon Jon Jon Jon Jon Jon Munchkin Jon Jon Jon Jon! LOVE LOVE LOVE!" Please be advised that I make no promises for this to change.

Dice-K, Commander Kickass, and Timmy Wonderpitches.... gentlemen (and Josh), the season is in your hands, and.... Josh, put down the damn gun and pay attention! Like I was saying... the season is in your hands. A sweep, and the division is ours. 2-3, and we're tied. Nothing besides these two options is even halfway acceptable. They embarrased us in our house... JOSH! Stop strangling the clubhouse attendants! I'm talking to you, here!.... Sigh. Yes, right in our own house they came in and took 2 out of 3. Return the favor, and then some, with extreme prejudice. You've all had bad starts recently. It's time to man up and get the... DEAR GOD, JOSH! Why did you set Lowrie on fire?! WE NEED HIM! DO YOU REALLY WANT LUGO BACK?! No? Then put out Lowrie! And 'Tek, stop telling Josh about symbolism. Those kinds of things are dangerous in the wrong hands! Well, Jed seems to be ok. Someone get him some ointment, he'll be fine. As for you three... just win.

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