Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Update: The Word I Thought I Would Not Be Typing Today

I forgot to make a few points earlier that I actually really wanted to make.

JD Drew is sore. When was the last time JD Drew wasn't sore (answer: never)? He hasn't played since August. We're in the middle of a pennant race, and JD has a boo boo and doesn't want to play. Hey, JD? After hearing this, do you realize how big of a crybaby you look like?

This was going to be the year when I stopped picking on JD.... as opposed to last year when I started picking on him. Hey, if he's not on my team, he's not my problem, right? After that shock-inducing grand slam in the ALCS last year, I was ready to open my heart to the right fielder who no one really liked from the start. Sure, he was replacing on of the many loves of my life (Trot Nixon), and taking the absolute worst number he could have chosen (leaving me with a bitter reminder every day of how he was not Trot), but I was ready to cut him some slack.

Listen, JD... suck it up! I can't believe you're going to complain that you have soreness where you got a cortizone shot. Mike Lowell had three cortizone shots and has a partial tear in his labrum, but he is still playing, and he doesn't complain for a second about it. David Ortiz's wrist is hurting and popping and causing all kinds of concern, but he's playing and only talks about the injury when asked. Have you SEEN how many times Asshat has gotten hit by pitches this year? You can't tell me the guy isn't sore. But they're playing, because they know it's important to play.

I can't exactly say that I care that JD isn't playing, because the team has been fine without him. Really, my anger is in principle. He knows we should be fielding our best team, and he can't seem to take an Advil and drag his fragile ass onto the field. Sad, really. Maybe on top of his tendency toward injury, JD suffers from low self-esteem. Maybe he sees the way that people are talking about Lugo (his off-season-signing buddy) and believes that maybe we all feel the same way about him as we do about Lugo. He doesn't want to be a Lugo, living in a fantasy world where you think you deserve a starting spot, and that people want you back, and you have any kind of marketable talent. Maybe JD just thinks that we're all happier without him, and that he doesn't deserve any of the love, applause, and adoration that the other guys deserve.

Well, JD, if this is the case, then I just have this to say to you - Put a smile on that face, buddy. You'll never be POS. Actually, POS will never be you. You're far superior to him. You can hit well. You can field well. You can get injured really really well. You earned your ring in the playoffs last year (POS did not), and if we win another one this year, the tear you went on when Big Papi was hurt was enough to earn you the new one (POS had no such tear). If you're waiting for an invitation, here it is...

Come back to the lineup, JD. You are loved.

...well... not really, but you know.

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