Friday, September 5, 2008

Gabe Kapler: Starring on my calendar this month

Work with me, here. Yesterday was an off-day and I've got very little to talk about.

Pawtucket beat the Yankees last night. The kids, as you know, are in the playoffs. While it is completely conceivable with all the talent we possess in our minor league systems that the kids secured victory from the New York Yankees, they actually beat the itty bity baby Yankees (you know, Melky Cabrera, Shelley Duncan, Ian Kennedy....). Our side of the fence featured a few familiar faces, such as Joe Thurston, Chris Carter, Jon Van Every, and Devern Hansack. Good job, kids! Keep on winning!

The real Yankees were actually playing the really annoying (Devil) Rays. This series played out exactly how I wanted it to, down to the tiniest of details last night. The Yankees, headed by one of their saviors - Darrel Rasner, allowed 6 runs within the first two innings. The exorcised Ray, having lost two prior games and two games on their division lead, put a serious hurt on those pinstriped players. However, the Yanks valiantly fought back and.... lost by two. Precious. Just precious. The Sox gain a game and a half, and the Yankees are reminded that they're still losers. I love it.

Beckett will be back on a strict pitch count tonight. I believe I heard 70 pitches or so, but that may have just been speculation. Mikey will be back, and Frankie will be back. Still no word on Nancy, but I'm SURE he'll be back someday.

The lack of a real game irks me. I need a Sox game. They're like drugs. You know what else is a drug? Caffeine. And I haven't had any yet. I need some of that, too....

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