Monday, September 22, 2008

Dice-K Matsuzaka: See How Fun Pitching 7 Innings Can Be?!

Wow, Dice-K, I'm impressed. Seven innings. SEVEN! Not five, not six, but seven glorious innings, with no runs and only 2 walks. Can you, I don't know... keep that up until maybe November? That would sure be swell.

I don't know how the weather is going to pan out for the rest of the day, but I'm supposed to be going to the game tonight. Josh Beckett is supposed to be pitching. If Beckett gets scrateched from his start again, for whatever reason, I'm going to break down in completely uncalled for and ridiculous tears. I just want to catch a Beckett game. Is that so much to ask? He will pitch tonight. He has to.

TBS has started their new post-season baseball campaign. Last year, everyone might try-to-forget-yet-still-remember the Dane Cook campaign they had going. It was brutal. It made me hate Dane Cook (most everyone else already hated him by this point). His stupid "There's only one OCTOBER!" phrase gave me aneurysms. "The Colorado Rockies... have you SEEN them?" Yes, Dane, I've seen them get their silly purple asses swept in the World Series! Shut up now! Back to my point... after last year's annoying ad campaign, the silly country song with clips of random stars from around baseball is refreshing. Our two representatives are Sean Casey and Jon Papelbon...

Anything with those two is bound to be far more interesting than Dane Cook.

So Bartolo Colon went home. The real reason behind his departure? He knew he had no rhythm and didn't want to be embarrased in front of the guys in the bullpen band. He knew the Admiral gets mighty unhappy if you mess up the flow of the music.

The Rays clinched a playoff spot, but we still have hope to overthrow the division leaders and take what we should have taken at the least two weeks ago. Damnit, Red Sox, we need wins!

Congratulations to Mrs. Bay and all, but we could have really used Mr. Bay in the lineup last week. I am now at the point where I am furiously sick of JD Drew and his sore back. No more passes for JD. He's on my DNC (do not cheer) list again... although it won't matter this year since he seems pretty firm about not playing.

Pray that there's no rain tonight. Thanks!

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