Tuesday, September 23, 2008

2008 Red Sox: Heading to the post-season, despite my skepticism

Just some comments from the scene at Fenway that I am watching on TV:

-I'm pretty sure Pedroia wasn't listening to a single question that was asked of him
-No one warned Sean Casey to wear goggles
(photos borrowed from boston.com)
-You KNOW Paps wants to shake to "Shake shake shake senora"
-I think Pedroia was trying to injure his team mates during the initial reaction
-Beckett looked like a happy little six year old girl when they were dumping champagne on his head.
-Ortiz somehow manages to look incredibly stylish during the celebration whereas everyone else looks kind of goofy/homosexual.
-John Henry still looks like Skeletor
-Julio Lugo shouldn't be allowed to celebrate with that injured quad of his. He shouldn't be allowed in the park.
-I adore the happy smile on Mike Lowell's face as he celebrates with the fans. He just makes me happy in ways I don't care to try to understand. I also think it's awesome that Mikey is the only one still wearing his jersey.
-I still think Heidi Watney is a whore.
-If someone had told me on Sunday that the Sox would clinch against either Cliff Lee or Zach Jackson, I think everyone would assume what I would have assumed.
-I'm happy for Kazerud that he gets to go to the postseason this year.
-It does not surprise me that Papelbon was the one stealing bases.
-I want a copy of the picture of Binky, Tek, and the Commander covered in champagne on the field... I want it enlarged, framed, and hung in my room, thanks.

-Off to bed now. Congratulations Tim, and congratulations to the 2008 Boston Red Sox - back in the playoffs to defend what is currently ours!

PS -Is that Mikey's wife taking the picture?... and Lugo still doesn't belong there.

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