Friday, September 26, 2008

Binky: No Hitter and a half

For him to come as close to a second no-hitter as he did is mind-bogglingly awesome. I wanted it for him, even if I knew he wasn't going to be left in long enough to complete it. He has one this year, and hopefully more to come in his career. I'm amazed at the pitcher he has turned into this year. Aside from a few bad starts in Toronto, can anyone say they were disappointed in Jon? I don't believe anyone could... unless he owes you money, or something silly like that.

Think about this now... with the season Lester just had, and the season Santana just had (PS - the Mets didn't really help him) ... would you still have made that trade? There are reasons for and against it, but for me, I wouldn't have made it to begin with and I still wouldn't make it now. I've mentioned before, sentimentality gets me every time, and even if he had a crappy season, I don't think I would want to see him gone.

He's not David Wells. He's not a FUPOS hired to fill in for guys that we loved and embraced. He's Jon-bleepin'-Lester. He's the Nomar, the Trot of pitching. He's OURS. He's from our farm system. We watched the kid develop into what he is RIGHT NOW. We've supported him through many bases loaded situations, we've sent him our love while he fought cancer, and we (or just me) shed a little tear of happiness and pride when he won Game 4. I still wouldn't have let Nixon walk, and I can't imagine letting this kid go. He is so loved as a baseball player.

Anyway, enough with my mushy love-filled Lester rant.... we did win the game, and the (Devil) Rays did lose their game, so we technically still have a chance at the division.

I'm looking forward to the Angels. If our Big Three are on, and our Decent One (Wakefield, presumably) is... well, decent, then we should be just fine.

I'd take Munchkin over any two players on the Angels team, anyway. I'm positive he'd take them both on and win. And then probably stand over their beaten bodies and drink a few beers, maybe flex his little munchkin arms, and laugh. Then Mikey Lowell could dump more alcohol over his little munchkin head, and only then would he morph into the superhero Pedroia the Destroia. Would you pay to see a video of that? I would.

Hell, the Angels don't even know what city they're from. Let's move them to Tennessee for the playoffs so those west coast time zones don't mess with our guys too much. They can be the Los Angeles California Angels of Anaheim, Burbank, Sacramento, and sometimes Tennessee... no one will notice.

Ok, I'm losing myself to ranting, so I'm just gonna wish everyone a good weekend and sign off....

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