Friday, August 29, 2008

Steroid Monkey: Sucks Big Time

I have never liked Jason Giambi, and no one else should either. I didn't like him before he admitted to juicing. I wouldn't like him if he apologized to me, personally, for ruining many wonderful Red Sox games. Nothing could ever make me like him.

And yesterday... well, that was just a step in the wrong direction, Jason. That right there... those RBI's... that gives me no reason to look any more favorably on you. Asshole.

Paps, well, he was Paps. Fetus did his best, but I don't think an IBB is ever a good idea in tied game. It just never seems to work out for us. However, that was not his call, it was Tito's, and Tito made some pretty bad ones yesterday.

One thing I don't like... if you think Binky is good enough to go out and get the first two outs of the 7th when his pitch count was already over 100, just let him finish the damn inning. As soon as I saw Tito coming out of dugout, I cringed. With our bullpen, inherited runners are dangerous.

But I'll live. We still won the series. Let the Yanks have hope for another day, so when they inevitably do collapse, it will hurt that much more for them.

Funny thing, I was making my blog-rounds this morning, and I stumbled upon this at what once was called Red Sox Chick. I guess yesterday was a good day to have credit cards stolen, because something similar happened to me. Somehow, someone in Michigan got my credit card number and was trying to buy about 80 dollars worth of gas with it. Funny enough, they didn't have my credit card. I have my credit card, and I only ever got ONE. How does this happen? I can't even imagine how that would work... honestly, I'm baffled, and angry, and worried that this creep might have more information on me.

So a Red Sox loss is just a small part of the major suck that yesterday turned into.

Oh, and Commander is pushed back again. Can't say I didn't see that coming, because I so totally did.

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