Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Jonathan Papelbon: Forgetting the "He just do" part of his quote

Yes, I was ticked off at Paps for blowing the save before even getting the first out. I was peeved when he gave up a double that almost left the park, and I was downright furious when he gave up the NEXT double to give the lead right back to the Rays. Gave it right back, I say. "Cinco Ocho" didn't know how he do, and he didn't do last night. Usually I'd be downright ticked off this morning, but extenuating circumstances have prevented me from being mad at Paps, and have instead directed my anger towards the city of Boston.... and baseballs.

Just a quick aside to explain that last part... I know I don't usually tell personal stories on this blog, but I felt the need to share. I have a fat lip this morning. It's actually pretty uncomfortable. I got this fat lip by dropping a baseball... on my face. To steal Papelbon's quote, "Jup don't know how she do, she just do." So a baseball fell on my face and that is why I do not like baseballs this morning. Ok, so that wasn't exactly "quick"

Papelbon had a bad night. He had a good one the night before, so this bad night should be voided out, but it's not. The fact of the matter is, Kazerud had JUST hit the home run to give us the lead. He JUST became the hero when Paps fell apart. It's okay though, because we know Paps will bounce back, and we'll win the series. Beckett knows when he's pitching in a big game. And damnit if I don't think he'll be ready for this.

I sometimes find it hard to remember that this is a team game, and a loss isn't an individual player loss, it's a team loss. The bats kind of sucked last night, but you know what? They'll snap out of it. I know they will.

Because if we lose tonight, I'm blaming Papelbon regardless of the events. Oh, and Kevin Cash. Damn you, Kevin Cash!

PS - Good, happy thoughts to my friend Megan and her family. Hopefully everything is going to be just fine! =)

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