Monday, June 30, 2008

The guys at WEEI: They just don't get it.

Before I start, this is all I'm going to say about that weekend series.... 1) Losing a series to the Astros should be a crime punishable by lethal injection. 2)There was nothing that I considered 'ok' about that series, especially since we lost hold of first place. 3) If losing to the Astros isn't punishable enough, leaving 13 men on base should be grounds for torture chambers. I mean, come on! No one could get a hit with runners in scoring position? Really? Not even Munchkin, who's been hitting everything in his path (kinda like Manny... but on the field). That AB by Munchkin in the 7th with the bases loaded was one of the most pathetic things I've ever seen. He's never looked so bad in his major league career.

And Varitek... well, I love him anyway. So shut up.

As good as it was to see Lolo, it would have been nice if our guys could have, you know, stopped him from driving in every run imaginable. I guess that's too much to ask. Stupid interleague play. Stupid Red Sox pitchers who didn't get a single hit in this miserable circus they call interleague play.

Back to the point. I was listening to WEEI this past week, and I'll tell you, those guys (regardless of what show), have in one week become everything I hate about male baseball fans. I know not all guys are ignorant, or obsessively negative, but those are the qualities I can not tolerate in people. So for every time I've turned on WEEI this week, I've pretty much turned it off right after.

It started with the pink hats conversation. "It's not about gender," the afternooners complained. "It's about attitude." Well, I definitely don't like their attitudes. How come every time a guy called into the show, they got to speak their minds and hang up, but when a female called into the show, she was quizzed on her baseball knowledge as if she should be treated like she's stupid. It's not about gender, huh? Then how come I didn't hear any guys getting quizzed about what a hold is, or what a Texas leaker is? Why were no guys asked to how to calculate ERA, or what SLG stands for? No, it was just the girls having to prove their fandom. I guess it IS about gender after all. How dare females attempt to enjoy sports. Everybody knows that girls don't know anything about sports, and don't actually like sports, and are only in the park to look fashionable. Ignorance.

And then this morning, hearing the guys complain about everyone on the roster, and complain that the media isn't hard enough on the players, and just generally be unhappy with life. This may sound hypocritical because I did start my blog by complaining about the team, but I still love them. I love Munchkin. I'm not going to make a blanket complaint about him and his season. And I'll never say anything bad about Jason (I guess I'm just not hard enough on the players... they have it too good). I heard them complaining about 'Tek, and complaining that no one else is complaining about 'Tek, just because he's the Captain. No, you don't complain about him because he's a veteran, he's a leader, and as cliche as it sounds, he brings more to the game than offense. Why complain about him? We need Jason in the game whether or not he's hitting.

But I didn't hear them bitching about Lugo! But then again, I'm a girl, so I don't know WHAT I'm writing about.

Ok, I've vented. I feel better. I'm looking forward to a good series against the (Devil) Rays. Even if we lose it.

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