Friday, June 13, 2008

Michael Averett Lowell:Making Life Grand

Was that not one of the prettiest things we've gotten from Mikey Doubles in a while? Don't answer that. It WAS. It was one of the best things Mike has done all season. Sure, he's done plenty of other wonderful things, but this one my friends... this one opened up supernatural floodgates and released magic upon all things Boston. Yes he did! But Mikey can do that, and that's one of the many reasons he is Mr. Awesome. I bet you can't do that. No supernatural floodgate opening for you. Nope.

It's always nice to see the Admiral have a clean inning, too. I'm fairly sure that murder rates in Boston go down when the Admiral is happy. Like I said before... would you arrest him for shooting people? Yeah, neither do the police. They know when to just let it go, and Theo Epstein knows the consequences of not getting that man a new contract. Why do you think he's still employed. I love the Admiral.

MDC also pitched well, but the story on the pitching mound was my Binky. I was at Binky's no-hitter. It was one of the proudest moments in my life as a baseball fan. I don't think I need to mention what was the proudest moment was. Ever since they brought up Binky from the minors, I've felt protective of him... which I know is weird, but honestly I don't care. A lot of people put a lot of limits on the skill of this kid, and although many others didn't limit him at all, I felt he had something to prove. Well, folks, pay attention because Binky's been proving it. He's a really good pitcher. I don't care what people say about him. I love this kid as much as you can love someone you've never met. I'm sorry that I call him Binky, because that's not tough or inspiring, but it fits. At least in my mind it does... Anyway, don't think for a second that some of Mikey's awesomeness didn't contaminate the pitching staff last night. It did.

And somehow, it also found it's way all the way out to LA. Did you SEE that comeback?! I didn't. I went to bed. Could someone tell me about it?

Come on, Celts. Banner 17 is ready and waiting for you guys. You just need to finish the job.

And dispose of that annoying Bryant fellow, would you?

Oh, and by the way POS... don't think I haven't noticed the addition to your errors collection. God, I hate you...

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