Friday, June 6, 2008

I've finally done it.

I've been milling about for the last few weeks trying to decide if I want to start a blog or not. I generally have enough free time during my day to post at least one blog, so I decided unanimously amongst myself that yes, I will do it.

I will make a blog.

I will make the name of my blog reflect my reaction to the revolving door that is the SS position at Fenway.

I will vent my frustrations and voice my enthrallment of the team I love, the Boston Red Sox.

I will accept that people outside of Boston mostly hate Boston sports fans. I will continue to not care.

I will start every sentence with the letter "I." I'm doing a good job so far (sort of)... ok, that wasn't really in the plan, it just happened.

Screaming at the shortstop... it's what I do regardless of where I am.

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