Thursday, June 19, 2008

Off days are for losers.

Actually, off days are just boring. Adding into the fact that yesterday was an afternoon game of which I got to watch exactly ZERO minutes, that's two days in a row of baseballlessness for me. I do not appreciate that.

Considering that gameday always has java errors on my computer at work, I was also not allowed to keep track of the game, so I really have no firsthand knowledge of what went down. Apparently, Fetus pitched well but was limited to five innings. JD (who really deserves a better nickname at this point) and Mr. Awesome lit it up at the plate. Pretty Woman almost blew the game. Strike-out-king Manny Delcarmen (who did not earn that nickname from striking out batters) saved the game, but that dancing fool Papelbon got the credit for the save. POS still did nothing useful.

I want to emphasize how annoyed I am with the rotation. I've gone to a pretty little handful of games so far this season. I want to see Beckett pitch. Before the season, I wanted to see Schilling pitch because I have never seen him pitch live. It never seems to work out. I've seen Beckett pitch, but come on, I love the guy. I want him to pitch every time I'm at the ball park. He always wins, or at the very least, we always win. The last two times I saw Beckett pitch live were at the Mother's Day miracle game last year (Ducky won that game for us. POS was trying to end it with a loss), and Pedro's return to Fenway. Both resulted in wins. So who have I seen pitch live this year? Dice-K twice, Wakefield once, Buchholz once, and Lester FOUR FREAKING TIMES. Granted, I got to see the no-hitter and I adore Binky, but c'mon, give me a break. Let me see Beckett just once this year!

I thought I would be seeing Beckett, because of the way the rotation fell. Colon was not pitching; he's hurt. Dice-K was pitching Saturday. Lester had pitched on Tuesday. There was one logical choice for Sunday's pitcher.... Lester? What?! NO! It was supposed to be Beckett, but Tito, in his endless quest to cause my death, decided to give Beckett extra days off. Of course he did. Tito, you can kiss my...

As usual, I will support Binky and I will adore Binky, but when do I get to adore Beckett?

Anyway. I want to clarify my stance on sports. In case anyone was wondering why I made a banner for the Celtics and clearly stated that I don't like basketball.... I support Boston sports teams. All of them. Even the Revolution (as long as you don't make me watch a game). I have allegances to the Red Sox, the Patriots, the Celtics, the Bruins, and every other damn sports team in Boston. I support college sports. I will not watch them, but I support them. Because I'm proud to be a Boston fan, and I believe in taking pride in your city's sports teams. I never want to see another city kick the ass of any Boston sports team.

I will watch football, basketball, and hockey only when they are in the playoffs, because that many regular season games would drive me crazy. I tried desperately to get into football this past year, but the truth is, I don't understand the rules completely and the game itself frustrates the hell out of me. Basketball I don't actually dislike. I used to love playing basketball. And in my own little junior high team, I made two all-star squads and was team captain for 2 out of my four years. So basketball is ok with me. It's just that watching it tends to get a little boring at times. Regardless, I root for the Celtics even if I don't watch them. I tend not to watch them.

But I do follow them. I have different friends that are intensely passionate about these sports that keep me updated on them. I know people who will update me on the Bruins if I haven't been paying much attention. I'm aware of what the Revolution is doing, generally. And in this town, how could you avoid knowing what the Pats and Celts are doing. No one ever needs to tell me whats going on with the Sox.

Which reminds me of a funny incident. At Lester's no-hitter, a 'gentleman' introduced himself to me and my friend. He asked if I watch the Sox a lot, and he was surprised when I answered "Of course I do. I watch almost every game." As if the notion that a fan at Fenway caring about the Red Sox was so ridiculous, the 'gentleman' countered with "No way. Really?" Ugh. People.

However, you will never see me wearing any Boston sports shirt other than my Red Sox gear (nothing I own is pink, thank you). The only exception is my Tedy Bruschi jersey which I bought because A) I was trying really hard to get into the sport, B) Tedy is awesome and I love his Papa Gino's commercials, and C) It was on clearance. I'm not going to pretend that I'm crazy in love with the three other main sports in Boston.

But I do support them.

Go Red Sox.
And everyone else.

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