Sunday, June 8, 2008

Fetus: Developing into something wonderful

Fetus pitched well today. Any time you can match up with Erik Bedard and come away with the win, you've done well. This little person-to-be really intrigues me because I can see him turning into something great. Hell, he already has more wins than Flyswatter does as a starter, and he comes with far less hype.

In the bottom half of the innings, Nancy's been doing his best Papi impression to show us why he was worth the money. Did I think it was a good deal? Hell no! And I never will. Little Tek could be batting .025 for the season and sentimentality would win me over every time, and I'd at least platoon him out there in right. Seeing Nancy in #7 is a slap in the face to me. But he's been producing, so I guess I'll cut him some slack this time. Good job, Nancy. Thanks for your contribution.

Does anyone else think it's wrong that POS has a higher batting average against Bedard than anyone else on the team? How is it possible that he has a higher batting average against anyone? I just don't get it!

Munchkin may be in a rut, but he did some great things in his AB's today. I'll give the little one credit for getting Bedard out of there after the 5th. You can't tell me that working the pitch count has no positive effects. Had Bedard pitched nine, Fetus would be walking out of there with a ND, I'm sure of it. So congratulations, Red Sox, and congratulations Fetus. One more day in first place!

To Fetus: A message from Pedroia regarding your 3 major league wins:

.... well, you get the point anyway....

Oh, and another win for that basketball team everyone keeps talking about.

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I keep hearing a lot about that basketball team lately.