Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Trot Nixon: His sadness makes me sad, too

Beware, Trot Nixon lovers. If you're anything like me, the following picture will make you very sad.

This isn't right. It's not right by any stretch of the imagination. And while I admit Drew has been playing better as of late, this still doesn't sit right with me. For a man who played his ass off for us, he deserves a far better fate.

Trot Nixon, my friends, is a Met.

And as if being a Met wasn't bad enough, his hat is clean. It's as if the Mets organization sucked the joy and life out of this poor man. Look at him. He's graying. He's unhappy. His eyes have lost that lovin' feelin! My heart breaks just looking at this picture.

Well, Trot Nixon... I still love you. I know that doesn't count for much, though...

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