Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Our entire offense: Seriously, WTF?

To say that I'm annoyed and pretty disappointed in the last four games is pretty accurate. I'm really trying not to let it get to me too much, because we're only 2.5 games out, and we've got half a season left to remedy that. I understand that. Really, I do. But it doesn't make the losses sting any less.

This makes the losses sting a little less. And stuff like this makes me ignore the losses all together. (Ps... that last one was borrowed from There are some good pics of the 2004 parade there)

It's Manny month on my calendar, so that means it's time to start busting out of this I-don't-care-about-playing mode. I love Manny, I do. Usually I'll even downplay his stupid antics. I'll tell you, though, after his last little spectacle of shoving down poor Jack, I kind of want him disciplined. Something. Anything. I hope it happens even if I don't hear about it. Because Manny's been getting on my nerves a bit. And that makes me sad. Especially when I see him standing at the plate with an unusally bothered look on his face, sort of like he'd rather be getting a root canal than batting. I'm used to Manny's aloofness, but he's taking it to a whole new level when we really need for him to carry the team for a while. Drew did his part (so of course, now he's back to staring at strike 3's to kill rallies), and now it's Manny's turn. Time to wake up, Ramirez.

From now on, I'm blaming Kevin Cash for everything. I wholeheartedly blame him for the loss last night, and now he gets the distinction of being this year's Wily Mo Peña. As much as I loathe POS, I'm going to blame Cash for everything, including Varitek's slump. Damn you, Kevin Cash!

New game tonight. New pitchers. Hopefully an offense that's awake. I'd really hate to get swept at the Trop again to those stupid (Devil) Rays. Somehow, the players must channel the Big Papi of 2006. That Big Papi was incredible, and he knew how to win a game in his last AB (not that 2007 Big Papi was bad, I just think the earlier version was better.) Maybe later if I get bored, I'll post my favorite versions of the players from our two championship teams that I actually care about. Then again, maybe I won't. I don't know!

Again, I urge you all... stop voting for Red Sox players to be in the ASG. Can't you see how badly they ALL need a few days off? And Manny probably wouldn't show up anyway!

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