Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Josh Beckett: King of Hard Luck losses in '08

Beckett deserved to win this game. He pitched like an ace, and aside from a bad inning, he would have won. But no, he didn't win (again). I swear, this guy loses more games 2-1 than anyone else in the league*

*Disclaimer: I'm not doing the actual research, so yeah...

I love the Captain, dearly and with all my heart, but he's made me nervous lately. It was nice to see him get a hit last night, because he needed it. Too bad the rest of the team did absolutely nothing with it. You know, I'll give Manny credit. He at least hit the ball, and it almost squeaked by into left field. We just weren't meant to win this game.

But it's all ok. It's ok that our guys are playing baseball like they're allergic to their bats (thus needing to get their bats out of their hands as soon as possible). It's ok that we can't even get runners into scoring position, never mind hitting with runners in scoring position. It's ok that we technically don't have a first basemen right now (you deserved it, Youk). It's absolutely fine that Tampa Bay is one game back, and the Yankees are only 4.5 games back. It's fine that we can't support our ace with runs, even if 2-3 isn't a lot to ask. It's fine. Do you know why?
Because we're still in first place. And we've got Fetus pitching tonight. Don't worry, folks. The Red Sox will be ok.

It's ok, Josh. You pitched well.

.... and just on a side note, this may sound weird but, stop voting for Red Sox players for the All-Star Game. Really. They could use a rest. Especially Varitek. Let him stay home with the kids for a few days and recoup.

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